Types of Gamblers: Which One Are You? – Infographic

There is no one way to gamble. Each player approaches gambling differently. It depends on their goals, the casino games they play, or the teams they bet on. While some carefully plan their bets, others do not have a gambling strategy at all.

Several types of gambling personas have emerged within the community over the years. Learning the difference between different gambling personas can help punters recognize their gambling tendencies and reduce the risk of developing gambling problems. Additionally, this will allow you to effectively identify experts in your poker or roulette table and develop a solid strategy when you wager on a sportsbook.

Below are what you need to know about numerous gambler types to help you find out which one you are and which types you should look out for:

Types of Gamblers: Which One Are You?

1. Casual Gamblers

People who only play in casinos occasionally are called casual gamblers. These individuals view gambling as a form of entertainment. For them, it is a leisure activity, a way to pass the time. These players do not usually take every bet seriously and are willing to lose a bit of money to have fun.

Since they have limited gambling experience, casual gamblers may not have a deep understanding of the casino games they play. They might not follow a robust betting strategy, unlike veteran gamblers. Casual gamblers typically do not stick to a single game as their goal is to maximize the experience. The most popular casino games for casual gamblers are slots, video poker, blackjack, and roulette.

2. Social Gamblers

Like casual gamblers, social gamblers play for fun but with the intention of socializing. For these players, gambling is a social activity, an opportunity to meet new people or bond with friends or family.

Making money is not the priority of a social gambler but a bonus. Social bettors often play at physical establishments or social gatherings. The most suitable casino games for social gamblers are roulette, table poker, and craps.

3. Professional Gamblers

No one takes gambling as seriously as professional gamblers. These people see betting as a source of income or a beloved hobby. Professional gamblers are often more experienced and focused compared to others. In fact, tournaments are held for players looking to prove their skills.

These veterans have a deep understanding of casino games and have developed tactics to maximize their winnings. Professional players learned to manage their bankroll, play games with the best odds, and quit when necessary. So, if you are just starting out, watch out for seasoned players in your establishment. You can learn betting tactics from them or avoid them in games like poker.

Professional gamblers like skill-based games or events where they have more control over the outcome. This includes poker, mahjong, and blackjack. Sports betting is also a popular option among professionals as they can increase profit by betting strategically.

4. Action Gamblers

Action gamblers are individuals who gamble for the excitement and thrill of the game. They are usually not concerned with winning or losing but rather with the excitement of taking risks.  Action gamblers usually prefer fast-paced games involving a lot of action, such as sports betting or casino games like craps.

They often bet large amounts of money and may continue to gamble even when experiencing negative consequences. As an action bettor, you should be wary of your bankroll management as you are more likely to be driven by your emotions.


The types of gamblers are not limited to this list. You can be a combination of multiple gambler types. But what’s important is to identify yourself to assess how to approach betting activities. This can help you identify your tendencies, and gamble according to your goal, reducing the risks of developing an addiction and committing costly mistakes.

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