Poker Guide: Tips and Tricks for Spotting Opponent Tells

Poker is one of the most well-loved games in various online casino in Singapore. The card game offers potentially large prize pools and skill-based gameplay, perfect for those who like to outsmart their opponents. And for years, poker has inspired many live casino Singapore goers to try out different strategies in the hopes of taking home great profits.

You are probably among the many players wondering, “what is a good poker strategy?” There are plenty of poker strategies that you can try, most of which are already tried and tested by some of the best poker players in the world. But one of the best ways to win more games is by spotting poker tells.

What Are Poker Tells?

Anything that a player does or says that indicates their hand’s strength is a poker tell. Poker players, knowingly or unknowingly, give away information about how good their cards are, from how fast they place bets to how they tap their feet.   

Learning to read tells can be an incredible advantage, helping you make more favorable bets and outsmart opponents. However, reading players can be challenging. Not all tells will be the same for each player, and veterans can create fake tells to confuse opponents. But even though it look difficult, it is not impossible. With time and experience, you can learn to read effectively tells to counter bluffs and fool your opponents.

Familiarizing yourself with common poker strategies can increase your chances of reading tells successfully. This can provide insights into how players act in a poker game. When reading tells, consider these concepts:

·        Strong Acts Weak, Weak Acts Strong

In poker, it is standard to assume that everyone is playing deceptively. This comes from the idea that poker is a game of bluffing, which is not always the case. Nonetheless, it is a practical concept to remember for reading tells.

A players with a strong hand tends to act weak. Whereas a punter with a weaker hand tries to appear strong. This common strategy among players is the basis for most tell-reading tactics.

·        Bet Timing

The speed at which a player places their bet can give away much information. For instance, a player with a weak hand will make noticeably quick decisions to scare off their opponents. While a player with a strong hand will pause to give off the idea of indecisiveness, appearing as if they have weak hands.

·        Verbal Tells

Verbal tells are the most difficult to decipher. It is the most prone to reverse psychology and could be hard to catch in the moment. The general observation for spotting verbal tells is that strong-handed players typically agitate opponents to drive a bigger pot. While bluffers like to scare opponents with their bets, they often avoid angering them, so they are less inspired to call them on their bluffs.

By understanding these concepts, players can form a foundation for reading opponents. With mastery and experience, you can spot these advanced poker tells:

Strong Hand Tells

  • Relaxed or unfocused disposition
  • Long pauses
  • Mimicking hesitation or nervousness
  • Provoking players

Weak Hand Tells

  • Quicker than usual calls
  • Eager or impatient to bet
  • Aggressively pushing chips into the pot
  • Trying to scare opponents

Trying out these tips and tricks can be exciting, but keep in mind that numerous factors guide experienced players in spotting tells. Patterns, expertise, and several other aspects can come into play during a poker game.


Players can read poker tells more effectively by understanding the common concepts that govern the game. Spotting tells is a skill that can be developed through experience and observation. Try to spot these tells in your next poker game and use them to your advantage.

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