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Soccer Betting Guide: How to Take Advantage of the Double Chance Market

Most sports bettors start off their sports betting journeys by placing simple moneyline bets on Singapore Pools sports and guessing which teams will win their respective matches. This bet is one of the most straightforward bets out there since bettors are only presented with three options that can take the form of 1X2, Win-Draw-Win, or Home Win, Draw, Away Win.

Even though moneyline is simple enough, some bettors might still have difficulty guessing which team will win or if a draw will happen. Those who want to improve their chances of winning further can bet using the double chance market.

What is Double Chance?

The double chance market is similar to the moneyline market and is even considered a two-way moneyline bet by some sources. Through this market, bettors only need to guess two outcomes.

M8Bet’s odds on two matches under the double chance market. Also present are the odds for the first half version of the double chance market.

Through the image above, one can see that bettors have three choices with two outcomes each.

  • 1X – Home Win or Draw
  • 12 – Home Win or Away Win
  • 2X – Away Win or Draw

As long as one of the outcomes occurs, like betting on 12 and one team does win, the bettor wins. For example, bettor bets on either Utsiktens BK or Skovde AIK to win and Skovde AIK wins as the underdog, the bettor wins. This works the same way for the first half version, except that only the outcome of the first half of a football match matters. So, a bettor making the same bet as the first full time bet can lose if both teams don’t score or it ends in a draw.

Using the Double Chance Market

Because sports bettors have more chances of winning, they can effectively take advantage of the market for parlays. The double chance market has the following advantages:

  • Higher chances of winning
  • Low risk
  • Ideal for new bettors
  • Great for backing underdogs

Because bettors can bet on two outcomes per bet, they have a better chance of winning than in the standard moneyline bet. The risk is also lower in the double chance market, which means it’s a safer market for parlays even when beginners use them. This is still true even when bettors decide to back the underdog since they can bet on the underdog with either the favourite or a draw.

Taking Advantage Through Parlays

Both rookie and experienced bettors can enjoy betting using the double chance market since they increase their chances of winning by eliminating risk. Rookie bettors can try betting on multiple matches to test the waters and even switch to parlays when they’re confident enough.

Bettors are usually advised to avoid parlays due to how risky it is since one losing bet means losing the entire leg. However, using easy-to-win bets, especially those perfect for beginners, are perfect for parlays due to how simple they are.

Sportsbook betting in Singapore becomes easier, especially when aiming to win big through parlays. Parlays are perfect for increasing the potential profits by stacking the odds, even though their odds are low. Because it’s easier to win through double chance than the standard moneyline bet, bettors have a better chance of winning multiple bets through a parlay.


Double chance is essentially the easier version of a moneyline bet, at least the one available in foreign sportsbooks accessible through CM2Bet. Had draw no bet been present, the two markets would compete with each other for the better alternative to moneyline and which one would be perfect as an alternative for parlays.

The best way to take advantage of the Double Chance market is to use it as an alternative to moneyline in standard bets and parlays. Of all the easy-to-win bets available, the Double Chance market gives bettors more chances of winning since they’re betting on two outcomes.

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