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Malaysia Horse Racing Tips for Beginners – Infographic

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the world today, and many Malaysians love betting on races. First-time bettors will have fun betting on horse races, but knowing how to win and profit from horse betting can be confusing.

Some beginner-friendly horse racing tips should be enough to help rookie bettors have fun and profit from horse betting.

Malaysia Horse Racing Tips for Beginners

Don’t Just Stick with Favourites

Betting on favourites is excellent for bettors to make safe bets and minimise their chances of losing money. The only problem with sticking to favourites is that it’s not ideal when trying to make a profit. This is because the odds are short, and bettors must stake high to make a profit if the favourite does win.

Betting on the underdog from time to time can be profitable, especially since you don’t need to stake high to get a chance to win big. Rich Strike has proven that you mustn’t avoid underdogs, especially since anyone who bet on him had a chance of winning big. Rich Strike’s odds were 81.00 for Malaysian sportsbooks, so a $2 bet will result in winnings of $162. What if it was a $20 bet? Then the winnings will be $1,620. Just imagine if bettors staked higher on Rich Strike.

Betting on underdogs can be profitable when doing so occasionally and getting lucky. Placing multiple high bets on underdogs is a bad idea since it will lead to significant losses. Still, occasional bets should be fine, especially since winning them can cover any potential losses from previous bets.

Get to Know the Horses

Simply placing frequent bets on favourites and occasional bets on underdogs is fine for most bettors, but you should also consider learning more to improve your betting experience further. You should also consider knowing more about the horses themselves.

See Last Time Out Winners

Horses in form and in top shape can often put together win streaks. The last time out winner or LTOW is a horse that won its previous race and is likely still in shape to win its next races two or three more times in the next few races they participate in. Looking for LTOWs is a solid strategy when looking for horses to bet on.

Look for Horses Who Enjoyed Personal Bests

Similar to looking for last time out winners, looking for horses that achieved a personal best in their previous race could be a good pick. Be careful if that particular horse was an underdog with the highest odds in the last race since there’s a chance that it won’t produce the same results in the next race.

Mine That Bird is one horse that enjoyed a long odds win in the Kentucky Derby but never won another race afterwards. Imagine that Mine That Bird just won the Kentucky Derby and will now race for the Preakness. Betting on Mine That Bird to place or show are safe decisions that would have resulted in you winning some money since he finished second there.

Listen to the Commentators and Check the Comments

Commentators and others who passionately watch races will have insightful comments on how certain horses performed. If they say that a horse “ran on well” or “quickened,” then it’s a good chance that the specific horse is in good health.

Check the Other Horses

The different horses participating in a race can affect how each horse runs. When there are known front-runners in a race, then the chances of outsiders staying pace is unlikely.

Get to Know the Track

The condition of the racetrack and when the race is held will affect how horses perform. Some horses might be able to get their fastest speeds in dry courses, while others might get more sprinting power from softer turf.

Knowing the horse’s preference and the racetrack itself can help determine whether a horse will perform well or not.

Get to Know the Trainers and the Jockeys

The horses racing in tracks don’t just start racing out of nowhere; they need trainers to train them and jockeys to ride them. How a horse performs will depend on how it was trained and ridden. It’s essential to get to know both when picking a horse to bet on.

The Trainer

Well-known horse trainers will have records on different tracks and different horses they trained in the past. Some trainers may be better at training runners, while others might not. Some trainers might also have a bad track record. A rule of thumb is that dominant trainers will usually have multiple horses participating in a single race.

Steven Mark Asmussen is one of the best horse trainers out there, with more than 9,000 wins in his entire North American career. In both 2008 and 2009, he won the Eclipse Award for Outstanding Trainer. Betting on one of his horses might be a good idea. On the other hand, Saeed Bin Suroor is a trainer with a poor record at Ascot, and it might not be a good idea to bet on his horses.

The Jockey

The jockeys are the ones who ride the horses, and they typically have their favourite places to race in. There usually are jockey-trainer combinations competing in specific races, and these combinations can usually result in trainers pairing the best jockeys with the best horses.

Jockeys work well on different racetracks since they’re more suited to specific courses. Not all courses are the same, so checking the jockey’s record on specific racetracks is ideal.

Vary Your Bets

Even after knowing a lot about the horses, trainers, and jockeys, it’s still crucial that beginners vary their bets. This involves varying how much they bet to limit their losses and maximise wins and betting on a variety of horses.

Beginners should place bets on favourites, underdogs, and other horses. Using different horse bets like place, show, or even exotic bets to mix things up can also affect their winnings.


Betting on horse races is fun and fairly easy to get started in, but beginners can up their game by learning more about horse racing. Checking Malaysia horse racing results can give bettors an idea of who will win the next races, especially when they plan to stick to the last time out winner.

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