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Malaysia Horse Racing Tips: How Rich Strike Proves that You Must Not Avoid Underdogs

It’s a no-brainer to avoid the underdog when betting on sports, especially when it’s clear that the underdog has no chance of winning. However, betting on the underdog can lead to big profits when the bettor stakes high and wins, especially when the odds are exceptionally high in Malaysia horse racing live today.

One instance of a bettor getting lucky by betting on an underdog was when a heating engineer included a horse that lost its last 20 or so races in an Exeter Tote with five other horses. After four races in the Exeter Tote, only seven people left in the UK still had a chance to win until only Steve Whiteley, the winner of a £1.45m jackpot, remained. However, this is an old story from 2011, and it’s better to see a newer story.

The horse named Rich Strike won the 2022 Kentucky Derby with odds of 80-1 or 81.00. Rich Strike’s odds were long, and he was also dead last in the odds to win. Right now, he’s considered the biggest Kentucky Derby underdog since 1913.

Underdogs can Occasionally Perform Upsets

Anything can happen in a race, and no one expected Rich Strike to suddenly take the lead two minutes into the race, just before the finish line. Messier, Crown Pride, and the favourite Epicenter were the horses in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, respectively, around 1 minute and 33 seconds into the race until Epicenter became first place. Rich Strike came up on the inside and just did one of the biggest upsets as he wasn’t even part of the top 6 for most of the race.

NBC Sports even said, “WHERE DID HE COME FROM!?”  in their Twitter post.

Malaysia Horse Racing Tips: How Rich Strike Proves that You Must Not Avoid Underdogs
Nobody expected Rich Strike to win, except for any possible bettors who bet on him.

Long Odds Lead to Big Winnings

Rich Strike’s odds were 80-1 or 81.00 for sportsbooks in Malaysia, and staking $2 will net a bettor $162. Imagine if it were a $20 bet, it’d be $1,620 in winnings. But what if the bettor decided to stake higher and bet $200? That’s $16,200 in winnings. What if a bettor included this race in a pick bet and successfully picked the winners of two to six races? That’s more winnings.

If Rich Strike wasn’t a likely horse to win the Kentucky Derby and a bettor placed an occasional Win bet, then they can potentially win big based on how much they staked. Bettors should consider staking some money on an underdog because they might just win big by getting lucky.

Favourites aren’t Always the Best Bet

Betting on favourites might seem the safest bet for beginners, but it’s a boring bet with a small payout. Anyone who wants to win big will take risks and place risky bets, and betting on underdogs is just one part of it.

Anyone who placed early bets and watched the race live will see that Summer Is Tomorrow, with odds of 36-1, placed first for quite some time, with the favourite Epicenter only popping up for a time in the top 6 until the horses had to turn. Messier then took the lead along with Crown Pride and Epicenter. Below are the odds of the three horses:

  • Messier 7-1
  • Crown Pride 17-1
  • Epicenter 4-1

The favourite was third place, and a horse with relatively long odds, Crown Pride, was second. Anyone who bet on Crown Pride will likely get excited that they have a chance of winning. Knowing that there’s a chance of winning against the favourite is more fun than simply backing the favourite, and then losing after an underdog’s upset.


Betting on underdogs is both fun and profitable when bettors get lucky with their bets. The horse racing results were the following:

  • 21 – Rich Strike
  • 3 – Epicenter
  • 10 – Zandon

Rich Strike came in first only a few seconds from the finish line, proving that anything can happen in a race. A horse that didn’t seem like it would end up in the top 6 for most of the race can still win. Rich Strike proved that a horse with long odds can still end on top of the Malaysia horse racing results and lead to large winnings.

Anyone who wants to try betting on underdogs for another chance of an underdog winning a race and potentially taking advantage of the odds will need to register in a reputable Malaysia online casino like CM2Bet. Anyone who wants to learn about the bets they can make can read a comparison on online betting sites’ horse racing bets and Singapore Pools’ bets.

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