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EPL 2021/22: Why Chelsea Can Win the English Premier League – Infographics

The 2021/22 season of the English Premier League is shaping up to be one of the most exciting seasons in recent times, with Chelsea F.C. contributing to this. Chelsea is currently the top football club in the 2021/22 season and has only suffered one loss and one draw out of eight matches as of the time of writing.

We talked about how Manchester United might be able to win this season’s league due to many different factors, but it has already suffered two draws and two losses. Ronaldo’s return to United and the club signing other players might not be enough to let it win the league, as it is currently the sixth top club in the current standings.

Chelsea, Liverpool, and Man City are currently the ones competing for the title, and Chelsea might even get it thanks to the following factors:

EPL 2021/22: Why Chelsea Can Win the English Premier League

The Midfield Pivot

Chelsea has predominantly used a three-at-the-back formation under the former PSG and Borussia Dortmund manager Thomas Tuchel. The formation requires a midfield pivot in front of the defenders, which Jorginho and N’Golo Kante fulfilled last season.

Jorginho’s opponents often exploited his lack of physical dominance, but his defensive frailties have been effectively masked under Tuchel. Thanks to Tuchel, the midfielder managed to express his talents after securing the Champions League with Chelsea.

Meanwhile, Kante is a widely recognized midfielder and is one of the best in the world. Kante’s ball-winning ability is already second to none, and his passing has massively improved while also managing to develop the ability to dribble out of tight spaces under Tuchel.

Both Jorginho and Kante can complement each other and dominate anyone in the middle of the pitch.

The Younger Players Keep on Improving

Chelsea managed to finish in the top four in the 2019/20 season of the Premier League under Frank Lampard, and the former manager’s success was integrating young people into the team.  Lampard handed Mason Mount and Reece James first-team debuts and are now mainstays in Chelsea.

Tuchel has already publicly stated how impressed he was by the 22-year-old midfielder Mason Mount. He managed to win the Fan’s Player of the Year award in 2020/21, while Reece James has also impressed on the right-hand side. Both Mount and James continuously improved during the previous season.

Mount had assisted Havertz in the Champions League final while James handled Sterling defensively on the night. However, both players are still a long way from reaching their peak performance and will only continue to improve this season.

Chelsea still has other young players, including Callum Hudson-Odoi and Andreas Christensen, who could also perform this season. As long as Tuchel can find the right recipe of players, Chelsea could very well win the League, considering their current standing today.

The Imminent arrival of Romelu Lukaku

28-year-old striker Romelu Lukaku is reportedly close to signing for Chelsea. Chelsea lacks a strong and lethal striker after Diego Costa’s departure in 2017, which Lukaku can provide the football club. Lukaku is also Premier League-proven as he currently ranks 20th in the all-time Premier League goalscorer list and is now at the peak of his career.

Lukaku had managed to lead Inter Milan to the Serie A title in the 2020/21 season and will likely replicate such success with Chelsea in the current Premier League season.

The Blues had a Successful Year

We’ve mentioned Tuchel throughout the article, but we haven’t introduced him properly yet. Tuchel is the former PSG and Borussia Dortmund manager who came into Chelsea and merged the superstars’ team and led them to triumph over Man City in the Champions League.

Chelsea will prove to be a force this year, especially if they add Lukaku to their ranks. In the previous season, Chelsea employed young players like Kai Havertz, who would eventually lead to winning the Champions League Final. Under Tuchel’s guidance, the team and its talented players will only get better.

Chelsea F.C. also managed to get a strong start after winning 3-0 against Crystal Palace on the opening day, even without Lukaku. Once Lukaku is signed on, the team will only likely improve and have a better chance of winning the Premier League title.

Tuchel also already has access to other players, including Mason Mount who’d be captaining the team within the next five years, Timo Werner who has a killer instinct can get him 25+ goals per season, and a young team who has the potential to win two Premier League titles and another Champions League title.


Chelsea now has plenty of exceptional players and an experienced manager who gave them a taste of success after he promised and delivered the Champions League title. The further improvement of the younger players and the likely introduction of Lukaku will further improve their chances of winning. There is a big chance that the club under Tuchel will dominate the Premier League for the next five years.

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