What Singaporeans can Bet on Through Singapore Pools – Infographic

Sports betting is popular and legal in Singapore and many other Asian countries, and Singaporeans love sports more than gambling. Mixing these two lets Singaporeans have the time of their lives as they have the option to watch football and make a profit by gambling through Singapore Pools live odds.

Gambling and sports betting are regulated in Singapore by the Common Gaming Act and the Betting Act. Singaporeans can bet through two domestic operators, Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club. However, the sports they can bet on are limited.

The following are the sports that Singaporeans can legally bet on through Singapore Pools:



Football is currently the most popular sport globally, and Singaporeans are just as crazy about it as another bettor from elsewhere. Sports bettors have multiple sports events to bet on as multiple football leagues are going on worldwide. Among the popular events include the English Premier League and La Liga.

Football’s popularity worldwide means that sports bettors can continue placing bets on football matches even on slow days.

Sports bettors can be successful when they research thoroughly and bet wisely.

Motor Sports

Motorsports are also exciting to bet on and perfect for Singapore pools live betting. Motor racing focuses on the points scored, the winners, and the finishing position. Most trusted betting providers offer a vast range of motorsport betting selections with multiple betting markets available.

Sports bettors can bet on rally cars, dirt bikes, or Formula 1 races, depending on their preference. Singapore Pools motor racing odds are among the highest of all the available selections, allowing the sports bettor to win big when they make accurate predictions. Betting live increases the chance of winning big as the bettors can monitor what goes on in a racing event and take their time when wagering.

Horse Racing

Horse betting has been around for centuries now, and many people know that it’s exciting to see the bettor’s horse make a last-minute charge to take the lead. Watching the race live is the only way to go to experience the excitement of horse racing and get people hooked.

Watching a horse race on a track is the best way to bet on races, but if such an option is unavailable due to restrictions and track repairs, online betting through Singapore Pools is an excellent alternative. Online sports betting platforms that offer live betting lets bettors place wagers while seeing well-calculated odds to help them predict the race’s outcome.

Bettors can bet on horse racing events in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Macau, and South Africa. Winning a bet is an excellent way to see the bettor’s bankroll increase.


Singapore Pools and Singapore Turf Club are the only domestically licensed betting agents in Singapore, but people can also bet on international websites that continue to offer their services to Singaporeans.

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