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What Should Sports Bettors Do When There Are No Live Games? – Infographic

Sports bettors can run out of live games to bet on when the soccer season has just ended or when a scenario like the global coronavirus pandemic struck the world. Countless well-known soccer matches were canceled to reduce the coronavirus’s chances of spreading—the world of online sports betting ground to a halt due to the lack of live games.

Downtimes always occurred even without a global crisis, and seasoned sports bettors managed to survive by doing other things when they couldn’t bet on live games. New bettors might have a hard time coping with the downtime, but they shouldn’t be disheartened immediately and end their betting lives immediately.

What Should Sports Bettors Do When There Are No Live Games - Infographic

Research on the Teams for the Next Season

Most successful sports bettors worldwide spent significant amounts of their time poring over various teams’ data. They check on the status of the teams’ players, recent matches, managers, past achievements, and others, including even the starting players when live betting.

Seasoned sports bettors research first before placing bets on a match since they know that sports betting isn’t reliant on luck. Successful sports bettors are careful with their bets and base their predictions on how the teams’ players are, their recent matches, their managers, past achievements, and others. They can even account for possible fixed matches if they’re extra careful.

During the downtime, bettors can check how the teams prepare for the next season, who left the team, who joined, and if a player got injured or got sick during the downtime. Many football stars stayed fit during the pandemic even when in self-isolation, thanks to their private gyms and personal workout routines.

Bet on Flash Soccer

Soccer betting in Singapore can still go on even without live games when people bet on flash soccer. Betting on flash soccer is basically betting on a virtual game that’s dependent on a random number generator or RNG to determine a match’s result. Thanks to RNG, betting on flash soccer is somehow similar to playing a slot machine.

Flash soccer involves all football leagues around the world and has many amazing features, including season bets, quick draw, jackpots, multi-stakes, and the ability to add additional bet types. Sports bettors can also place a wager every three minutes since games don’t take too long to finish.

Play Casino Games

Sports bettors can try their hands on different casino games, especially if they already know how to play blackjack and other games. People can play slots, roulettes, poker, blackjack, and baccarat online from the comforts of their homes.

Gamblers can enjoy betting and try to make money from the comforts of their homes. They can also practice their skills in skill-based casino games or check the right baccarat, poker, or blackjack strategy.

Registering in a mobile casino Singapore can let people play slots online and other games based on luck.

Limit Bets

In the case of a global pandemic, when people are in dire need of money, bettors and gamblers can limit their bets to save money. Limiting bets doesn’t necessarily mean stopping altogether, but only wagering on games the bettors are confident they’ll win.

People can avoid betting too much on games reliant on RNG like flash soccer and slots and focus more on baccarat or blackjack online when they’re confident they can win.

If people continue betting, however, they should only place small wagers.

Take a Break

People can also go for the safest option of taking a break from betting and saving up when live games finally return. Taking a break from gambling during uncertain times ensures greater financial security so they can still have the funds they need to weather a pandemic.

Bettors should also take this chance to research different games and formulate strategies for casino games if they want to try it out once in a while.


Downtimes happen every time, and it’s normal to run out of live games to bet on. What matters most is what bettors will do when they can’t bet on live games. People will likely need to find a trusted casino in Singapore to have a great experience playing casino games.

Register now at and see if you can win in blackjack, baccarat, flash soccer, and other games during this pandemic.

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