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Upcoming Football Events You Should Bet On

Football fans in Singapore and Malaysia are in for a real treat as long-awaited football leagues will commence soon. More football events mean more opportunities to support your favourite team and players by watching their games or betting on them at Singapore Pools sports football. For avid football bettors, it also means plenty of leagues to wager on and potentially profit from.

Make the most out of your bankroll by checking out these upcoming football events you should bet on:

UEFA Nations League A Finals (June 14 – 18)

The UEFA Nations League A is a bi-yearly event showcasing the best of European football. Although it takes a while to understand its structure, the UEFA Nations League is a highly anticipated football event.

Group winners Netherlands, Italy, Spain, and Croatia will face this June to determine the UEFA Nations League A champions. The Semi-finals will be held on June 14-15, while the finals and third-place match will be on June 18.

Based on most sportsbooks, the Netherlands are the favourites to win the UEFA Nations League A. They have the home-field advantage and are facing Croatia, the team perceived as the unlikely winner among the four.

The odds for UEFA Nations League A Finals are as follows:

  • Netherlands, +200
  • Spain, +225
  • Italy, +275
  • Croatia, +380

AFC Asian Cup 2023 (Jan 12, 2024 – Feb 10, 2024)

After four years, Asia’s most prestigious football event are supposed to start on June 16, 2023. But due to initial hosts China withdrawing from hosting the event because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event is pushed back to early 2024 with defending champions Qatar winning the hosting rights. Nonetheless, AFC Asian Cup is still one of the most exciting footballing events that you can bet on right now.

This year, Japan is again predicted to win the competition, having the most success in doing so in the past. The four-time winner has become a dominant team in Asia, having recently defeated some of the world’s best during the 2022 FIFA World Cup, including Germany and Spain. The team will surely look to avenge their finals loss in 2019 to bring the trophy back to the land of the rising sun.

The defending champions and host, Qatar, also have a decent chance of winning the cup with their home advantage and dreams of a repeat championship. However, some dark horse teams are also looking to snatch the title away from Qatar and Japan, including South Korea, Iran, and Australia.

2023 Women’s World Cup (July 20 – August 20)

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is one of the most awaited football events in football betting in Singapore Pools. It is an assembly of the globe’s most renowned players in women’s football representing their nations. After three years of qualifying, 32 countries will compete for the prestigious title,

If you want to bet on this year’s FIFA WWC, Team USA is the favourite for their historic win at the last World Women’s Cup. They have also been performing spectacularly in their recent games, winning the CONCACAF W Championship last year.

England, Germany, France, and Spain closely follow Team USA as potential winners, especially after their excellent performances in the recent Euro Cup 2022.

Consider the following odds (as of writing) in placing your wagers:

  • USA, 3.70
  • England, 4.50
  • Spain, 7.50
  • Germany, 8.00
  • France, 10.00
  • Australia, 15.00
  • Netherlands, 18.00
  • Sweden, 17.00

Japan, 19.00


Apart from the typical football leagues in the world, there are many other football tournaments coming your way in the months to come. Make sure to take advantage of these events by betting on your top picks in Singapore sportsbooks. This can help you show your support for the sport while also maximizing your opportunities to make a profit from sports betting this year. 

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