Top 5 Casino Games with the Lowest Risks (House Edge)

Numerous casino games offer exciting possibilities that can keep you entertained for hours. When playing in an online casino in Singapore, whether to simply have fun or earn large winnings, it is ideal to know which games offer the best payouts with the lowest risks. This can prolong the wonderful time you have in casinos and prevent regretful expenses.

Experience a more care-free, fun-filled gambling encounter with these top five casino games with the lowest risks:


Blackjack is a popular card game among beginners because it is easy to learn and has one of the most favourable odds. Although there isn’t a fixed house edge for the game since it varies per establishment, blackjack is sure to have the lowest compared to other casino games. The risks of playing blackjack become even lower when you find a single-deck game, which makes blackjack more profitable.


Besides being a great way to meet new people, playing craps has significantly low risks. It has the lowest house edge next to blackjack, offering more dynamic gameplay with its elements. In craps, you can play as the shooter (the player who rolls the dice) or as a bystander, betting on the shooter’s rolls. Craps is a low-risk, fun casino game perfect for those who want to test their luck.


If you are looking for a laid-back alternative to craps, you should try baccarat. It has a low house edge compared to the previous game and is much easier to learn. There are only three outcomes in this game: player, banker, or tie. Bets on the banker’s hands are typically safer as they have better odds than the players, but it often comes with an additional fee. Out of the three options, ties have the highest risk, being the least likely outcome, but it offers significantly larger payouts.

Video Poker

Video poker machines are often found beside their fellow casino classic, the slot machines. But in video poker, the risks are much lower compared to its brother. This is because, in this game, players have control over the outcome. The card game requires basic knowledge of poker, but ultimately, you only need to have a better hand against your computerized opponent to win.


When people think of a casino, most will think of roulette. The casino classic has been a staple in most establishments for its exciting gameplay and, generally, low risk. Players have fifty-fifty chances of winning whenever they bet on a colour, and if they want to make up the stakes, they can bet on numbers. It has higher risks and lower odds but adds a worthy thrill to the experience.


Players can enjoy betting on Singapore casinos even more by playing low-risk casino games like blackjack, a famous casino game with the lowest house advantage; craps, a fun, social dice game with dynamic gameplay; baccarat, a laid-back card game for spectating punters; video poker, a one-on-one, low-risk game against a computerized opponent; and roulette, an exciting casino classic with 50/50 odds.

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