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The Differences Between Virtual and Regular Sports Betting

Sports betting has been going on for thousands of years as the Ancient Greeks bet on the Olympics in 776 BC. Some things changed over the years, especially when the internet came into play and allowed online sports betting.

Sports bettors now can place bets without needing to go to a sports betting shop as long as they have a personal computer at home or a smartphone to access the internet. They can bet at home, in the toilet, or traveling.

The newest innovation in the sports betting industry is virtual sports betting, where people bet on digitized events. The events last for a few minutes, and bettors usually have the option to watch the video or not when betting on it.

Virtual sports betting allowed bettors to bet on sports even when COVID cancelled multiple sports events and people had to bet on obscure sports and casino games. However, virtual betting is different from regular sports betting, and written below are some of the key differences between the two betting options.

Traditional Sportsbooks are Available Both Online and On-Site

Traditional Sportsbooks are Available Both Online and On-Site

People can bet on traditional sports events through online casinos or betting sites, or a land-based bookmaker. Suppose bettors travel to some of the top gambling cities in the world, including Marina Bay in Singapore. In that case, they can visit the luxurious sportsbooks there and bet on whatever sports were available.

If people can’t travel, they can continue betting at home by visiting a site like and registering. Singapore Pools live betting is possible when betting in traditional sportsbooks, allowing bettors to watch the game live and pick the right time to place their bets and take advantage of the changing odds.

The Differences Between Virtual and Regular Sports Betting

Virtual Sportsbooks Are Only Available Online

Bettors can only do virtual sports betting in online sportsbooks, which adds to the convenience of betting online. People can bet online when they can’t leave home or can’t go to a betting shop, and they can bet on quick virtual games to hop on to the next one and see results quickly.

While land-based sportsbooks can theoretically offer virtual betting options by setting up TV screens for computerized matches, it means diverting resources from live betting options. Most brick-and-mortar bookmakers still only offer traditional betting options.

Real Athletes Determine Regular Sports Bets

Most people love soccer betting in Singapore because they can support their favourite teams and athletes by betting on them in the 1×2 or goalscorer market. Betting live also allows bettors to monitor how their favourites play and serve as a good means of entertainment since many people love to watch their favourite teams play.

The human element of traditional sports betting makes it exciting since many unexpected things can happen in live matches. A favourite team might exceed their fans’ expectations, or they can give underwhelming performances that can make or break a person’s bet.

Even esports bets are determined by real gamers who play characters and teams, depending on the games they’re playing. Virtual bets, however, are determined purely by RNG. For more differences between esports and virtual betting, see this article.

RNG Determines Virtual Betting Results

As mentioned above, virtual bets are determined by RNG or a Random Number Generator. Virtual betting doesn’t involve any real players and football clubs of any sort, so there’s no worry of betting on fixed matches.

Sports bettors see computerized graphics on a screen representing whatever outcome the RNG dictates, instead of actual players who have their own strategies that conflict with their opponents. Sports may be random in general, but virtual sports rely on algorithms to deliver the RNG’s randomness.

Normal Sporting Contests Last for a While

The games last for 60 minutes in normal soccer matches minus the commercials, breaks, and overtime. This might be boring for some people, but real sports fans won’t mind and will likely stay hooked to the game as they bet live or see how their pre-match bets won or lost.

When people bet on regular sports, they’ll have to wait for a while to see the outcome of the bet.

Virtual Contests Finish in a Minute

Virtual sports events may mimic actual sports events, but they only feature the match’s highlights, which allows for a match that finishes in a minute or two. Most of the scenes people will see in virtual soccer are shots on goal, saves, and penalties.

After the highlights are over, the bettors will see the final score.

Official Sports Events Have Set Schedules

In real sports betting, bettors can either place pre-match or live bets. Pre-match betting options will have schedules set in place, which bettors will see, so they’ll know when the match will occur, and they’ll have to bet before the date. The only exception is the live betting option, where people can place bets anytime the match is going on.

Virtual Matches Take Place Minutes of Each Other

People can bet on virtual sports anytime they wish, and they won’t have to worry about running out of virtual events to bet on since they don’t follow any schedules, unlike actual sports events. Virtual sports events happen within minutes of each other, and bettors will be able to resume betting once a game is finished.

There will always be some virtual games available for sports bettors, and many of them gambled on virtual events when the pandemic struck.

Strategies are Possible in Real Sports Betting

One reason why sports betting is popular is the possibility of using betting strategies, especially ones that let them watch the game live. Bettors can spend hours looking at different statistics and other things related to a single match to increase their chances of making the right prediction.

Virtual Betting Strategy Is Dependent on the Odds

The players digitally represented in virtual sports betting do not get tired and are not affected by what humans typically go through in football. The digitally represented players only do what the RNG tells them to, so there’s no good strategy in virtual betting other than betting based on the odds and managing their bankroll.


Virtual sports betting and traditional sports betting are very different, but they are useful for different circumstances. If bettors have a particular sport and league they like betting on and the season just ended, they can resort to virtual betting.

Virtual sports aren’t the best things to bet on for real money and must be avoided when gambling for it. Regular sports betting is still the obvious choice for real money betting and is arguably more enjoyable than the virtual option because real people play the game.

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