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Singapore Pools Betting: Asian Handicap

For years, the industry of football betting has continuously gained acceptance among fans and gamblers in the whole world. Many people consider it a fun way to earn extra money on the side. For sports fans, putting up stakes for their teams adds a massive amount of excitement to the games.


There is no wonder why football became one of the most-watched sporting events worldwide. Various factors contribute to why football clubs and players are famous in almost every part of the world. That includes the unpredictable nature of the game, where mismatched teams can end up in a draw. This paved the way for creating a form of betting that allows gamblers to make the games fairer for the underdogs, known as the Asian Handicap.

Singapore Pools Betting: Asian Handicap

This form of gambling is created to make games between highly mismatched teams have a more level environment for bettors. The term “Asian Handicap” was first coined by British journalist and gambling expert Joseph Saumarez Smith in 1998 when asked to translate this betting option by Asian bookmakers.


Asian Handicap is designed to give bettors a chance to win even though they put their stakes on the team likely to lose the game. Before kick-off, the favoured team to win is given a handicap or a deficit in the final score, while the underdogs are given a head-start that can provide gamblers with a chance to win against the stronger team.

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Like other forms of traditional sports gambling, in most Asian handicap types, the bettor will win if the team they supported wins the match and will lose their stake if the team loses the game. What makes the most difference is in the case of a draw, which is a typical result in the football world. Here are the different types of Asian handicaps that are available for live or online betting in Singapore.

  • AH 0 – In Asian handicap 0, no advantages and disadvantages are given to any team. This option is perfect for teams that are deemed equally matched. For example, suppose that the team playing are La Liga’s Real Madrid and Sevilla, the first and second in the league table (as of writing). If the match ends in a draw, sportsbooks will refund the stake.
  • AH 0.25 (1/4 ball) – When betting for either -0.25 or +0.25, the bettor will win half of their stake if the match finishes in a draw. 
  • AH 0.5 (1/2 ball) – People will win their bets if betting for the +0.5 option. On the other hand, they will lose their chance if they put their stakes in -0.5.
  • AH 0.75 (3/4 ball) – Here, the bet is divided into two, creating two bets. For the bettors to win in a -0.75 handicap, the team should win by two goals or more. Half of the stake will be refunded if the team only won by one goal. In case of a draw, the bettor will lose their stake.

On the contrary, when betting for the +0.75 option, the team must win or force a draw for you to win your bet. Half of the stake will be returned if the team loses by one goal and will ultimately lose if the team loses by two goals or more.

AH 1 (Full Ball) – Like in +0.75, when betting +1, the gamblers will win their stake if the match ends in a win or draw. However, they will get half of the bet if the team loses by one goal. On the other hand, if betting for -1, the bet will fail if the team loses or ends in a draw. The stake will win if the club wins by two or more goals and wins half of their stake if the game ends in a draw.


Since this form of betting covers the draw results, Asian handicap is not the most valuable option since most sportsbooks would instead push other betting markets that more gamblers put their stake on. But Asian Handicap can also give a considerable amount of profit to the bettors even if their team loses the game. It will also help if people put their stakes using a trusted online casino in Singapore and Malaysia.

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