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Sports Betting Malaysia: 5 Tips for Beginners – Infographic

Online sports betting in Malaysia has steadily increased in popularity in the past decade due to its convenience. And with numerous online gambling providers, locals have gotten more opportunities to dabble in the hobby. Sports betting can be an enjoyable recreational activity that offers possibilities for profit. Aside from this, it is a great way for sports fans to support their favorite teams and make sporting events more fun.

Online sports betting in Malaysia is relatively easy to get into. In hindsight, players bet on teams or players of specific sporting events. Besides typical bets, where punters predict a game’s winner, players can explore different betting options that can be more exciting and award larger payouts.

If you are looking to start your sports betting career, consider the following tips to guide you on your journey:


Sports Betting Malaysia: 5 Tips for Beginners

1. Understand the Basics

Before you start sports betting in Malaysia, you should at least get acquainted with the basics. This includes essential terminologies like:

  • Odds are the likeliness of a team winning an event.
  • Book or sportsbook is where betters can play wagers on different sporting events.
  • Bankroll is the budget a player sets aside for gambling activities.
  • Favorites are teams favored to win as determined by sportsbooks.
  • Underdogs are teams perceived as less likely to win.
  • Point Spread is a wager on the margin of victory.
  • Money lines are bets on a team, whether they will or lose, with no point spread.
  • Over/Unders or totals is a bet on the combined number of points the two competing teams score. Players wager on whether the teams will score over or under the limit set by the bookmaker.

There are plenty more terminologies you can learn as you wager on sportsbooks. Besides these, It is important that you attain a firm understanding of the betting process, like how, where, and when to place bets. Start by learning how to choose a legitimate betting website.


2. Do Your Research

Researching teams and sporting events is important before you wager hard-earned money. Reading about a team’s performance history or news about certain events can guide you in making more informed bets. Make it a practice to research the teams and events you bet on. This can significantly affect your win rate and help you avoid costly mistakes early on.


3. Money or Bankroll Management

Bankroll management is vital to sports betting. You need to set a strict budget for gambling activities. Otherwise, you risk losing money that is allotted for more important things. For most bettors, betting is a recreational activity. You should only wager money you can afford to lose for the sake of leisure.

Managing how much you should bet on each event is also a part of bankroll management. You adopt a bankroll strategy to determine how much money you can win with each wager and how much you can afford to lose while still having enough left to bet on other events. Some seasoned punters use a betting calculator to plan their bets on sporting events.

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4. Line Shopping

Line shopping is a fundamental practice in sports betting. It is comparing odds from various sportsbooks and chooses the most favorable ones. Basically, it is hunting for the best price to wager on. Do not skip line shopping, as sportsbooks can offer significantly different odds. Even the slightest change in offerings can substantially affect your wagers’ possible profit.


5. Stick to Straight Bets

Straight bets are the most basic type of bet. These are wagers dependent on the outcome of only one aspect of a sporting event. For instance, betting on whether a team wins or not.

As a beginner, it is recommended that you stay away from more complex bets like parlays (multiple bets combined into one) because they can be quite challenging to win. Stick to straight bets at first. After you get some experience, you can eventually work your way up to taking on riskier bets.



Sports betting in Malaysia is an accessible and easy-to-learn hobby, but beginners must take the necessary steps to prepare themselves before placing bets on sportsbooks. Learn the basics, do your research, set a strict budget, compare prices, and stick to simple bets so you can minimize the risks and maximize the betting experience. Keep these five tips in mind to start your sports betting career right.


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