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Must-Know Terms in Online Real Money Slots

If anyone wants to play online slots in the top online casino in Malaysia or Singapore, they will encounter a lot of different terminologies that might be confusing. Learning these terms can help gamblers better understand the game and decide how to play. Below are some of the general slot machine jargon that people will encounter as they play. 

3D Video Slots – Advanced slots with 3D visual effects and animations.

3-Reel Slot – Slot machines with three spinning columns of symbols. Considered the “classic” slot machine layout.

5-Reel Slot – Slot machines with five spinning columns of symbols. Considered the modern version of slot machines in both online and traditional casinos.

6-Reel Slot – Slot machines with six spinning columns of symbols. Usually have additional features.

Action – Total amount that players bet in a specific timeframe or the total playing time accumulated through the slot. Some bonuses might use this number.

All Ways – Slot machines with paylines that run right-to-left and left-to-right.

Autoplay/Autospin – Special feature that lets gamblers set a wager and a predetermined number of spins for the machine to complete. Gamblers can cancel this after any round.

Bars – Classic slot machine symbols with the word “BAR” printed in white. Usually the lowest paying combination. Comes in single, double, or triple stacked versions.

Basic Slots – 3-reel machines with a single payline. These machines have no special features, and the prize is always the same.

Bet – The amount of real money a player wagers on a spin.

Bet Max/Max Bet – When players wager the maximum amount allowed by the slot machine.

Bet Min/Min Bet – When players wager the minimum amount allowed by the slot machine.

Bet One – When players bet only one credit or denomination in a slot.

Big Hit – Refers to the top price offered by a slot machine.

Bonus Feature/Game – Refers to free spins, additional wilds, and another win potential in slot machines.

Bonus Round – In-game event where players make decisions to earn extra prizes.

Buy a Pay – Refers to players’ payouts when they meet a minimum wager amount per spin. Jackpots may sometimes be unavailable when players don’t bet a certain amount.

Must-Know Terms in Online Real Money Slots

Buy a Feature – Grants access to specific bonuses or game modes when players wager a minimum amount per spin.

Cascading Wilds – Converts other symbols in a slot machine into more wilds, allowing for bigger winnings.

Comps – Complimentary prizes that casinos offer to loyal players.

Credits – The unit is used after gamblers insert money into a slot machine. The machines usually have credit indicators on the screen.

Denomination – The value of a single coin on a slot machine. Some slots allow players to change the coin amount.

Demo Slots – Slot machines that give players a fun balance to play. Gamblers cannot win any real money from this type of machine.

Drops – A different type of gaming experience where slot machines replace spinning wheels with dropping numbers.

Expanding Wilds – Unique type of wild symbol that expands to cover an entire reel or expand in a pattern specified by the game developer. They are triggered randomly whenever a wild symbol is present on the reels.

Feature – Any additional bonuses, free spins, and side games that players can unlock through certain winning combinations.

Fixed Jackpot – The capped payout a player wins when they hit the jackpot combination. Slot machines called flat top slot machines typically offer this prize.

Gamble – A feature that gives players a chance to double a player’s previous winning spin’s prize.

Hit – Also known as a win.

Jackpot – Highest possible award in a slot machine. Players can often only hit the jackpot when they bet max.

Loose Slots – Slot machines with a higher-than-average return to player or RTP.

Mobile Slots – Slot machines with touchscreen controls for smartphones and tablets for gamblers playing through a mobile casino in Singapore or Malaysia.

Multi-Line – Slot machines with multiple paylines. Each line increases a player’s wager and boosts their chances of winning.

Multiplier – A feature or symbol that increases a player’s payouts. A 3x multiplier triples a gambler’s win.

Nudge Slots – Slot machines with symbols that move up or down what the reels have stopped spinning.

Payback Percentage – Total amount a slot machine pays out over time. Usually used interchangeably with RTP or Return To Player.

Payline – A line or pattern that players need to match winning combination to win a bet. The payline can be straight, diagonal, or zig-zag.

Payout – The amount the players win when they hit a winning combination. The payout amount is affected by the wager, symbols, and active multipliers.

Paytable – The paytable refers to the page or section outlining how much players can win in a slot machine. Paytables also show the rules, symbols, and how to activate and use the bonuses.

Penny Slots – Slot machines that allow players to bet as low as 1¢ per pay line. Popular because they allow extended entertainment with little risk.

Progressive Jackpot – Slot machines with a grand prize that increases with each win until the jackpot is won. These games typically have low RTP payouts. The jackpot resets to the minimum once the jackpot is won.

Random Number Generator (RNG) – Determines where the slot machine’s symbols land. The machine uses a mathematical algorithm to allow random symbol placement per spin.

Reels – Columns in a slot machine that contains different symbols.

Return to Player (RTP) – Percentage of the total wagered money and the amount the machine pays back to the players. The RTP number is calculated over thousands of spins.

Rollover Requirements – The total amount a player must bet to clear a bonus offer.

Rows – Horizontal lines in a slot machine that contains different symbols.

Scatter – Symbol that awards the player with a payout and usually unlocks a bonus round or a special feature.

Second Screen Bonus – Unique feature that takes players away from the main reels to a different format mini-game.

Select Lines – Button that allows players to activate or deactivate paylines. Selecting lines effectively affects the wager and the likelihood of the gambler hitting a payout.

Shifting Wilds/Sliding Wilds – Unique wild symbol similar to expanding wilds, but covering multiple reels horizontally.

Skill Based Bonus Rounds – Bonuses that test a player’s skill in a mini-game and reward players for better performance.

Money Slots

Slot Club/Player’s Club – A VIP program for loyal slots players to earn comps and other rewards.

Slots Lever – Arm on the side of the slot machine.

Slot Tournament – A buy-in competition or invite that pits players against each other in a game with a time or credit limit. The player with the best score wins additional prizes or is given free play credits.

Spin – A single round in slots.

Staggered Payout – Refers to larger payouts when players bet more coins.

Symbols – Images, numbers, and bars on the slot’s reels. Each symbol has an associate payout. Some symbols also unlock special features.

Tight Slots – Slot machines with a low return to player or RTP.

Total Bet – The total amount of money wagered on a spin.

Unique Reels – Some slot machines use a different column layout. The unique reels may appear in a hexagon, tower, or side-scrolling display.

Variance/Volatility – Refers to a game’s consistency. Low variance machines have frequent yet smaller prizes, while high variance machines have more significant but less frequent wins.

Video Slot – Slot machines without any moving parts. The reels are simulated on a screen with great graphics and sound effects. All online slot machines and mobile slots are video slots.

Ways to Win – Slot machines without paylines but gives players access to every possible combination of wins. Coin denominations and the number of coins played can vary but will only impact the players’ stakes and not the number of lines they are playing. Some ways to win slot machines include 243, 1,024, and 3,125 slots.

Wild – A symbol that substitutes for any other symbol, except scatter and bonus symbols.

Wild Multiplier – A feature that increases the payouts of combinations that include wild symbols.

Win – The result is when gamblers hit a series of matched symbols on an activated payline.

Win Both Ways – A paying combination occurring from left-to-right or right-to-left.

Zig-Zag – Payline that moves in a crooked line across the reels’ rows and columns. Usually found in new modern slots.

Gamblers will encounter many different terminologies when playing online slots Singapore or Malaysia, and this article aims to familiarise players with these terms and be able to enjoy the game. CM2Bet also has an article on how to choose a slot machine that people can read to have an idea of how they’ll play the game.

Slot players can register at CM2Bet and play online slots with us once they know the terms stated above and how they’ll play the game.

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