Live Betting in COVID-19 – Infographic

The sports betting industry may have taken a significant hit from COVID-19 as sports bettors ran out of live games to bet on, but online casinos are thriving. Land-based casinos have also suffered as people couldn’t leave their homes to gamble, but the multiple mobile casino Singapore allowed gamblers to continue betting on live games.

An online live casino offers live games for gamblers to play, including any live sports available, blackjack, baccarat, etc. Online betting can still go on during COVID-19 as people bet and gamble live from their homes.

The following are some of the live casino games people can bet on during a crisis like COVID-19:

Live-Betting-in-COVID-19 Infographic


Many gamblers love to play baccarat since they see it as an easier game to play than blackjack. There are far fewer bets in baccarat than blackjack. Gamblers only need to place a bet on the banker, the player, or a tie.

Because there are far fewer bets to make in baccarat, many people can have a relatively easy time gambling and winning big. Those who know how to play baccarat online are among the gamblers who can profit from playing live baccarat in an online casino.


Blackjack is one of the best games to play since it is a relatively easy game to play as the gambler knows how to play. As long as the player knows when to hit, stand, split, and surrender, they can win.

However, gamblers need to first know about the right blackjack strategy to use, and they’ll first need to learn about basic strategy. Basic strategy is the foundation for winning the game, and any gambler who doesn’t follow it fully shouldn’t expect to make a profit in blackjack.


Poker is fun to play, especially since many people think that it’s based on luck. The more poker games a gambler plays, the more they’ll realize that it’s a skill game.

Playing online poker Singapore is fun, mostly when the gamblers play from their home’s comforts without pressure. Poker is a game where the bettors need to know how to make the right decision at the right time. The gambler must maintain a poker face and know when to fold, raise, and bet to win in a traditional casino, but they won’t have to keep a poker face when playing from a mobile casino.


Roulettes are among the most exciting games present in casinos, as it’s a game of chance with strict probabilities. Playing roulette can be enjoyable when people bet carefully and don’t waste money chasing losses.

It’s also vital that gamblers know how to win at roulette to have a change of winning against the dealer.

Live Sports

Not all sports events were canceled during the pandemic, and sports bettors can continue with online sports betting on any games still going on. During the height of COVID-19, more popular football leagues like the English Premier League stopped while less popular ones in countries with no lockdown measures continued.

Live betting lets people monitor the odds’ changes and let them bet when they can win big. Try live betting Kenya or Singapore now!

Singaporean gamblers can continue playing to try and make money when they register in a trustworthy Singapore casino. Register now at and try playing our wide variety of casino games.

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