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F1 2024: The Top Drivers that Can Win this Year’s Championship

The new season of Formula One will start late next month, and fans and bettors in Singapore are already anticipating how teams will perform with upgraded cars. It is now the perfect time for those engaged in online betting in Singapore to place wagers on who they think will win the drivers’ championship, especially those who want to play the long game and place bets right before the start of the season. 

Here are the top 5 favourites to win this year’s drivers’ championship based on the latest SG odds.

Max Verstappen

At this point, betting for Verstappen to win the drivers’ championship is just a no-brainer. After narrowly beating Lewis Hamilton for his first championship in 2021, the Dutch driver has dominated the past two years, even setting a 290-point gap between 2nd placer and teammate Sergio Perez last year. At only 26 years old, Verstappen has already solidified his position as one of the all-time greats, and there’s no sign of stopping the Dutch driver anytime soon. 

Many expect Red Bull’s dominance to continue this year, with Verstappen leading the charge for the reigning constructor champs. The team’s dominance makes the reigning champ the clear-cut favourite to win again this year, with Singapore Pools sports odds giving him 1.20 odds of winning. 

Lando Norris

The British star of Mclaren had his best season in terms of points last year, collecting 205 points and only one point shy of 4th and 5th placers Fernando Alonso and Charles Leclerc. However, a win remains elusive for Norris, with him coming close to the achievement six times last season. But for this year, many expect Norris and McLaren to have an improved car that will compete for the championship against Red Bull. 

Despite not cracking the top 5 in his 5 years in F1, the 24-year-old is poised to have a great year, with him being the second favourite to win the title with 8.00 odds.

Lewis Hamilton

The name Lewis Hamilton will never be absent when talking about who might win the title this year. His track record says it all, and his experience compared to other top drivers on the grid allows him to remain a threat on the track. However, Mercedes’ failure to give the British superstar a car that can outpace Red Bull the past two years didn’t allow Hamilton to compete for the top spot, with him finishing 6th in 2022 and 3rd last year. 

Should Mercedes give him the proper car to compete this year, the seven-time champion is a solid pick to win the driver’s title. He has 12.00 odds of returning to glory this year and can be a solid pick for many bettors.

Charles Leclerc

After finishing 2nd in 2022 for his best career placement, Leclerc had a pretty rough season last year. Mechanical failures and an unfortunate disqualification during the USA Grand Prix have cost the Monegasque driver an opportunity to replicate his sensational 2022 run. Leclerc tied with Fernando Alonso with 206 points, 102 points less than his 2022 total. 

But if Ferrari can come up with a car that can go toe-to-toe with Red Bull and Verstappen, Leclerc will surely be a contender for the title. He is another favourite to win the trophy with 21.00 odds, with many expecting a bounce-back season for the 26-year-old star.

George Russell

Depending on Mercedes’ strategy moving forward, Russell can have a breakout year and win the title, to everyone’s surprise. The British driver proved he could compete with the same car as Hamilton in 2022 when he finished 4th in his first year in the team. But being the number 2 driver behind his fellow Briton might not fully allow him to challenge for the title anytime soon.

Despite this, Russell can still be a good pick, especially if the team makes a winning car and makes him the number 1 driver starting this year. Russel has a 26.00 odds of becoming the driver’s champion and is expected to pass his 8-podium record in 2022.


With the new F1 season fast approaching, placing wagers on the possible drivers champion is already heating up in Singapore casinos. While Verstappen is projected to make a 4-peat this year, many factors can affect race results, which can see some other favourites taking advantage of the opportunity to win the title. 

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