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Esports Betting: How to Bet on PUBG?

The past decades saw the rise of online multiplayer battle royale games, but popularity-wise, no one can easily rival PUBG: Battlegrounds launched in 2017. With more than 50 million copies globally since 2018 and over 400 million games playing its mobile version, PUBG is among the most played video games ever.

PUBG became prominent in recent years with its core theme of up to 100 players fighting to become the sole winner of the match. Its features ensure that players engage with each other, making it highly competitive.

Aside from players, bettors can also find entertainment by betting on this esports title. However, before engaging in sportsbook betting in Singapore, bettors must first learn the game’s background, available betting markets, and strategies to improve their chances of winning.

What is PUBG?

PUBG: Battlegrounds is an online player versus player shooter game released in December 2017, with PUBG Studios and Krafton as the developer and publisher, respectively. The 2000 Japanese film Battle Royale inspired its concept, and it was made from ARMA 2 mod DayZ: Battle Royale created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene. Under Greene’s creative direction, PUBG was developed as a standalone game.

In PUBG, players can opt to play solo, in pairs, or small teams comprising four people at maximum. The last player or team to remain alive wins the match.

The game begins with players parachuting from the plane and landing on one of the eight maps: Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok, Karakin, Paramo, Haven, and Taego. Every player has no gear from the start, and each must search through buildings, ghost towns, and other sites to look for weapons, armours, vehicles, and other equipment. These items are distributed across the map for players to find and use.

Players also need to be wary of the blue wall and red circles. The blue wall serves as the map’s boundary that shrinks every few minutes, confining the once large map. This forces players to relocate to safe zones (appearing in big white circles) while increasing the probability of encounters. Players caught outside safe areas sustain damages or get eliminated. Meanwhile, the red circles signify danger zones, referring to random regions where bombing will happen, so players must leave these places.

Another factor that creates further confrontations is a plane carrying loot packages containing unobtainable items during normal gameplay that occasionally flies over various parts of the map at random or when a player uses a flare gun. The highly visible red smoke emitted by these packages can draw the attention of interested gamers, and they must fight others to obtain gear.

Once each round concluded, participating players received in-game currency based on their performances. Players can use this currency to buy crates with cosmetic items or weapon customization inside.

Esports Betting: How to Bet on PUBG?

Competitive PUBG

Like other esports, countless PUBG tournaments are held annually worldwide. Unfortunately, not all are popular, and bettors frequent only a few of them. With this, sportsbooks only cover the biggest competitions, including the following:

  • PUBG Continental Series (PCS)
  • PUBG Global Invitational (PGI)
  • PUBG Global Championship (PGC)
  • PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC)
  • PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO)
  • PUBG Pro League

Where to Bet on PUBG?

Bettors can bet on PUBG matches through the following esports sportsbooks available in CM2Bet:

Esports bettors can also register in a trusted online casino in Singapore to access the odds offered by these providers, given they are present on that particular betting site.

Different PUBG Betting Options

Bettors betting on PUBG can bet in the following betting options and markets:

Outright Winner

In the outright betting market, bettors bet for the team they believe will win the PUBG tournament. Knowing if the bettor wins or not in the outright winner in PUBG betting takes time, considering that the champion team is determined on the tournament’s last day. 

As many teams and players compete for the crown, bettors must research and analyse each participant to make informed bets. Betting on powerhouses does not guarantee success because there are underdogs capable of making upsets.

Pubg photo
CMDBet’s current outright betting odds for PUBG Mobile Rising League on July 2

Match Winner

The PUBG match results typically come after 30 minutes, so bettors who cannot wait long can opt to bet in the match winner market or the moneyline bet. Winning in this betting option comes by correctly predicting the team to emerge as game victors. However, despite its simplicity, bettors must not forget to check recent team and player performance to wager on the best bets.

First Blood

PUBG’s first blood market is an exciting and lucrative betting option for esports bettors. This is because guessing the first team to score a kill is extremely hard, as players have equal chances to do that. Picking aggressive teams can be the right choice because they are eager to start the match strongly.

Most Kills

To win in this PUBG betting market, bettors need to bet on the player they think will record the most kills in the match. The best bets might be the top players participating in the competition, given that their records paved the way for them to qualify.

Tips on PUBG Betting

Establishing profitable betting strategies is crucial to better the bettor’s winning chances and maximise earnings. With well-versed betting habits and techniques, bettors can avoid committing costly mistakes. 

Below are some of the basic things to do when betting on PUBG:

Read the Latest PUBG News

Bettors need to know the latest in the PUBG world. News outlets and forums can provide valuable information that bettors can use to formulate betting tactics, especially since the game is ever-changing. Some game updates can drastically influence the way players or teams execute their game plans. By learning the news, bettors can prepare and rethink a new winning formula.

Always Research

The easiest way to lose money in PUBG betting is to bet based on fandom instead of the player or team’s recent performance or kills percentage. Thorough research is essential when betting in esports because it helps bettors decide who to wager. 

Bettors must understand that bookmakers rely on statistics to compute each team’s odds, so reviewing and analysing previous results makes it easier to determine the team with the highest probability of topping the tournament.

Manage the Bankroll Properly

Exercising proper bankroll management is necessary to help bettors monitor their betting expenses. Doing it enables bettors to be disciplined when betting on PUBG, as losses are unavoidable in this endeavour. 

Failure to establish rules on how much to stake on any wager is the easiest way to lose money. Bettors might get out of control when betting, making poor and irrational decisions to gain their losses back, not until there is no bankroll left to spare.


Betting on PUBG is fun, especially if the bettors already know how it was done. This is different for those new to the game, and although they are not planning to play it, there are other ways to improve their winning chances. Bettors must be patient in learning how this Battle Royale-inspired game works, understand the differences of each available betting market and do research. Properly managing the bankroll is also important because it helps bettors become responsible while betting.

Moreover, bettors must only register to a reliable online casino in Singapore, like CM2Bet, to access various esports sportsbooks for secure PUBG betting.

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