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Baccarat Guide: How to Play Chemin De Fer and Punto Banco

One of the most popular card casino games, Baccarat, generally involves players betting on which of the two hands – the Player or the Banker – will have the higher score or if they will tie. One of the reasons why many players, both new and experienced alike, enjoy Baccarat is because of how easy it is to learn and play.

Baccarat has several variations, such as the popular Chemin De Fer and Punto Banco. Both variations of Baccarat involve two-card hands, and the winning hand is the one with the highest total, with an ideal hand totaling 9. However, the two variations of Baccarat have key differences in how players participate, the role of bankers, and the odds.

To help you gain a better understanding of the rules, here is a guide on how to play these Baccarat versions.

Chemin de Fer

Compared to Punto Banco, players in Chemin de Fer take a more active role and also take turns acting as the Banker. The Banker is responsible for making and collecting bets, as well as paying out wins, while the players make bets on which hand will win.

How to Play Chemin de Fer

A typical Chemin de Fer game will start with the Banker dealing two cards to each Player and two to themselves. The cards are dealt face down, and players will only be able to see what the others have at the end of the round.

After all the players have been dealt their respective cards, the Banker will evaluate both hands. The value of a hand in Chemin de Fer is calculated by adding the values of two cards in each hand. The ace card is worth 1 point, while the face cards (King, Queen, Jack) and the 10 cards are worth 0 points, while the cards from 2 to 9 are worth their numerical value.

After evaluating both hands, the Banker will then offer the players the option of “stand”, which means staying on the current hand, or “hit”, which means drawing a third card. The Banker will then compare their hand to the players. If any player has a higher total than the Banker, they win. But if no player has a higher total, the Banker wins. If there is a tie, the bets remain on the table, and the next round proceeds.

Punto Banco

While Chemin de Fer involves which hand has a higher score, in Punto Banco, the goal is to get closer to nine or higher against your opponent. Players are dealt two cards, and if the total is eight or nine, it is an automatic win. On the other hand, they may also hit and draw cards until one of the players gets a total of nine.

How to Play Punto Banco

Before the game starts, each Player wagers on the Punto (the Player) or the Banco (Banker) or a tie. Once all of the bets have been made, the Banker will then deal out two hands, one for the Punto and the other for the Banco.

After dealing with the cards, the points will then be added together. Each card has a value based on its symbol, with Ace counting as 1, face cards counting as 10, and numbers from 2 to 9 valued the same as their respective numbers. If any added points amount to over 10, the last digit is counted instead. For instance, if the Punto had amounted to 15, it would only be counted as 5 points.

Depending on the value of the cards, the Player or Banker can hit and request a third card. However, the Player can only ask for a card if they have between 0 and 5 points, while the Banker can ask for a third card not only based on their score but also based on the Player’s score.

Once the third card is dealt, the dealer announces whether or not the Player sticks. Once the game ends, the dealer announces the winning hand and proceeds to pay the bets. In case of a tie, the hand is considered void, and players can either take back their bets, change them, or leave them be for the next hand.


Whether you’re playing Baccarat online or live, learning the ins and outs of these two Baccarat variations can improve your chances of winning and introduce you to the exciting and fast-paced nature of these games.

In addition to enjoying the game, you can practice your intuition and betting strategies while playing at a low-stakes table with good odds of winning. Whether you’re looking for excitement in betting or simply a way to pass the time, Chemin De Fer and Punto Banco are great choices for beginners and experienced gamblers alike.

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