6 Online Blackjack Tips

Often popular in casino establishments, blackjack online has become one of the most played games in digital casinos. It is regarded for its easy-to-learn gameplay and high return-to-player (RTP). This is why blackjack is a great option for gamblers who want to pass the time while earning a profit.

The general rules of blackjack, whether physical or online, has always been the same. However, the digital version prevents players from using one of the game’s strongest strategies: counting cards.

Card counting is when a player keeps a running count of high and low-valued cards to determine whether a player or the dealer has an advantage on the next hand. This is mostly used in single or fewer-deck games. It is impossible to count cards in online blackjack because it makes use of a random number generator.

But even without it, online players can still win a decent number of games by adopting a new blackjack strategy. Try out these tips and tricks to help you succeed in blackjack online:

1. Be Comfortable Standing at 12 or 13

Card values of 12 and 13 are typically regarded as low. But in hindsight, the chances of getting another card resulting in a bust are high. Aside from this, most dealers stop at around this number to avoid going over 21. Generally, it is better to get used to standing at a 12 or 13 as it is the safest option. It can also be more profitable in the long run than risking a bust each time.

2. Do Not Split 10s

One of the game’s most interesting mechanics is allowing players to split their paired cards. It is a great way to earn more with two sets of wagers. However, not all pairs should be split, especially 10s.

Some players think 10s are good cards to split because it has a high starting value, but unlike ace pairs (which you should always split), they do not have as much advantage. Standing at 20 is a better call to make. It ensures you have a strong hand instead of risking two wagers losing.

3. Double Down When You Have 11

In blackjack, getting an 11 is a good position to be in. Since face cards count as 10, there is a higher chance of getting 21. When you find yourself in this position, increase your potential profit by doubling your bet before getting a third card. Statistically, this hand offers you the highest chance of hitting a blackjack.

4. Never Take Insurance Bets

Insurance bets are offered when the dealer shows an ace. This side wager allows you to keep your original bet and the insurance wager when the dealer hits a blackjack. It might differ according to your online gambling provider, but insurance bets usually offer little to no profit tied with a high house edge. For this reason, you should never take them.

5. Bet According to Your Bankroll

Never bet more than your bankroll allows. Bankroll management is a standard practice in any casino game. Still, some might forgo it when playing a casual game like blackjack. Be vigilant in how you spend your bankroll. Otherwise, you might deplete it earlier than expected or go over budget.

6. Pay Attention

Paying attention may be the most underrated blackjack tip. Not a lot of players realize that the reason why they lose in blackjack is that they get distracted. Although blackjack is a simple card game, you can easily miss out on details that could have earned you larger wins. Pay close attention to different aspects of the game, like the dealer’s shown card and side bet opportunities.


Online blackjack is not very different from physical blackjack. It might not allow you to count cards, but you can still increase your winning chances by adopting new strategies. Apply these tips and tricks on your next online blackjack session and see how well you do with it.

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