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Why Should Gamblers Try Playing Roulette?

Roulette is one of the popular casino games worldwide, and most gamblers love playing it. Casinos offer gamblers multiple roulette bets that require different strategies to win them. The most known roulette types are European and American roulette, with the European version having one green zero (0) while the American one features a  double zero (00) alongside a single green zero.

Most prefer the European type because it has a lower 2.7% house edge over the American roulette’s 5.26%, as the former has 37 numbered pockets where the small, marble-sized ball can go. The American roulette has 38 because of the two zeroes. If gamblers get their prediction right, they will receive a payout.

Online gambling has become a convenient option for anyone fond of roulettes as it allows placing bets even at home, thanks to the Internet that paved the way for offering the digitized version of the game.

Whether physically or virtually provided, roulette is considered one of the all-time favourite casino games. Gamblers play this game for the following reasons:

Good for Beginners

Rookie gamblers might find it challenging to find a game to play because there are many offers. In this case, trying roulette can be a good choice. Luck plays a significant role in playing roulette, yet there are ways to improve the winning odds. One of the best strategies on how to win at roulette is by betting outside, dozens, and columns, as all carry better payout percentage, especially the outside bets with 47%. Meanwhile, dozens bets (1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12) and column bets (Column 1, Column 2, and Column 3) have 2:1 payouts.

Gamblers can also lessen their chances of losing by combining bets, such as a 2:1 to a 1:1. This way, gamblers can take advantage of the different odds, allowing them to at least win some or break even. By adding another 2:1 to a  2:1 bet only increases the risk of losing money because winning is more challenging on higher odds.

Gamblers can even just settle to bet on either red or black or odd or even if they don’t want to think too much about their bets.

Full of Excitement

Rookies are not the only people who can enjoy roulette but also thrill-seeking gamblers. Roulette comes with suspense that other games cannot provide. The game’s outcome-based nature makes roulette more exciting. This is because gamblers become mere spectators after placing their bets. They could only entrust their faith to the bet, believing it would come out. Roulette is a game of chance as it revolves around luck, but gamblers can still formulate strategies to improve their chances of winning. 


Roulette gives people a “feel free” vibe as luck decides the game’s outcome. But, the truth is, like a skill or strategy-based online casino game, gambling on roulette also requires well-established techniques for better winning probabilities. Gamblers playing for real money must learn how to place their bets and take a risk, considering the casino’s house edge.

Gamblers new to roulette will encounter betting systems associated with the game. These systems refer to betting rules involving the bet type and money to stake per spin, which gamblers can follow to improve their winning percentage. There are various betting systems, and each has its level of difficulty, so gamblers must wisely choose what to use. The Martingale and D’Alembert systems are among the popular betting systems used by gamblers.

Gamblers using the Martingale system double their bets after losing a spin to get their losses back if a win comes after. Then, gamblers stake the amount of money that they initially wagered in the beginning in their next spin. However, gamblers cannot afford this costly strategy without a sizeable bankroll.

Meanwhile, the D’Alembert system is somehow similar to the Martingale because gamblers increase their bets when they lose. But, the difference is if a win occurs, gamblers also decrease their stake. In this strategy, the gamblers avoid risking large sums to ensure they have funds left in their bankroll for another spin.

Gamblers can try out other betting systems, like the other three systems mentioned in one of our past articles titled “The Different Betting Systems to Use in Roulette.”


Playing roulette can be entertaining and, at the same time, rewarding. Roulette benefits beginners and thrill-seekers in various ways. It can be an excellent choice to jumpstart a gambler’s casino experience. Its “game of chance” nature entices gamblers to bet on it as they will not lose something without trying it first. Gamblers must only play roulette through a trusted online casino in Singapore, like CM2Bet, for the best and safest roulette gaming experience.

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