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Understanding the Concept of Gambling Addiction

While gambling is undoubtedly a fun and famous pastime for countless people in Singapore, there is an inherent risk attached to betting, and chances are, you’ll lose more often than you win. The need to chase after those losses creates a desire to keep playing, leading to gambling addiction.

With the rise of online gambling in Singapore, the likelihood of getting addicted to gambling significantly increases. As a punter, it is paramount to understand what gambling addiction is and how to avoid it before the thrill takes a toll on your life.

Gambling Addiction Defined

Gambling addiction, often called compulsive gambling, is a type of behavioural disorder that is associated with uncontrollable urges to gamble despite the consequences. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (DSM-5) states that symptoms of gambling addiction include the following:

  • Preoccupation with gambling

  • A strong desire to gamble with more money each time

  • Difficulty cutting back or stopping the habit of gambling

  • Regularly gambling when feeling anxious or depressed

  • Irritability and moodiness when trying to cut back on gambling

  • Trying to regain lost money or chase losses by gambling continuously

  • Lying to hide the extent of the consequences of their gambling activities

  • Loss of relationships, jobs, or other opportunities

  • Committing illegal acts to fund compulsive gambling

  • Relying on other people for money to repay gambling debts

Players with gambling addiction have trouble controlling their need to gamble, even if it is negatively affecting their lives personally or professionally. Some punters might continue to play in the best online casino in Singapore to cope with the guilt.

Causes of Gambling Addiction

The root cause of compulsive gambling is multifaceted, with several factors contributing to the disorder. Knowing the risk factors that lead to compulsive casino playing is vital to understanding gambling addiction.

  • Biological Factors

Certain individuals have a genetic predisposition to gambling. When family members are addicted to playing casino games, there is a significant chance to develop the behaviour, too.

The age and sex of a person can also contribute to vulnerabilities to addictive gambling habits. 6-9% of younger people are more likely to develop an addiction. Additionally, compulsive gambling is more common in men than in women, although both display similar gambling patterns.

  • Psychological Factors

Stress, depression, and anxiety are the primary psychological drivers of gambling addiction. Troubled individuals might turn to gambling at an SG online casino to manage emotional burdens.

Additionally, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), along with other sensation-seeking and impulsivity behaviours, increase the risk of developing a gambling addiction.

  • Environmental Factors

Social and environmental factors can add to the risk of someone developing a gambling addiction. Exposure to gambling activities and peer pressure are notorious causes. Easy access to gambling platforms, especially online applications and websites, might also lead to compulsive gambling.

Lowering the Risk of Gambling Addiction

While it is difficult to avoid developing a gambling problem, you can reduce the chances of compulsive betting patterns by adopting responsible playing habits.

  • Set and Stick to a Money Limit – To avoid financial trouble, set a limit to how much you can gamble and stick to it.

  • Walk Away from Losses – When you experience a loss and have finished the money limit, do not try to chase them or regain lost funds. Take a deep breath, walk away, and clear your mind for a while.

  • Don’t Gamble when Stressed – Do not be tempted to gamble whenever you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed.

  • Don’t Gamble Under the Influence – Limit your alcohol intake when gambling.

  • Gamble with Disposable Income Only – Never borrow or use money set aside for necessities to play casino games.

  • Think of Gambling as an Expense – Think of gambling like it were a concert ticket; you are giving away money in exchange for entertainment. Gambling is an expense, not an investment.

Become a More Responsible Gambler

Casinos are full of temptations that might lure you into a new plane of problematic gambling behaviour. As a punter, you should be aware of harmful practices that might ruin your life. Always practice prudence when gambling. Keep records of your finances, set a limit, and don’t let the intense emotions from losses push you into betting more money.

With the knowledge of gambling addiction and how to avoid it, you can make smarter decisions when playing in one of Singapore’s most trusted online casino platforms, CM2Bet. Visit our website to test your luck with slots, sportsbooks, blackjack, and other games.

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