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If you want to know all about the edge sorting, then this guide is all about you. We have shared detailed information about it with our readers, so go ahead. Check the details below:

Everything about edge sorting:

In the 2012 edge sorting was introduced to the world when Phil Ivey and Cheung Yin Sun confessed that they used edge sorting at a casino in London to win card games. This is certainly the most famous example of edge sorting. Edge sorting is an art which is used to identify the face value of the card. It is a complex thing but if one understand it perfectly it can result in big wins.

Edge sorting at a casino

Since the year casino was first introduced to this world people are looking for the ways to overtake the house. In the ordinary set up of a card games players are at disadvantage and their winning chances are low so its result was finding ways to beat the game. This is particularly accurate in the modern gambling culture as casinos have been there for decades and they have plenty and experience and time to fix leaks, if any, in the games and methods to prevent people from exploiting flaws. This didn’t stopped people from looking for the ways to beat the game and people were able to find the ways to beat the game. Edge sorting is one of these gray methods and it got famous with Phil Ivey case.

What is edge sorting actually?

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The main objective of Edge sorting is that there are some decks of cards which have backs that are slightly different from other cards. When the cards are in face down position players can easily find out that the card has low or high value with the slight difference at the back. Then the cards are sorted in low and high values with the help of the dealer.

Edge sorting is generally used in the games in which there is group of cards with high value compared to the other group. High and low value cards are nearly in all card games, so edge sorting puts all the card games in danger. The player has to use the edge sorting technique to distinguish the high value card with low value card which are unimportant.

Edge sorting in baccarat

baccarat game

Let’s discuss how edge sorting is used in baccarat game. In the game of baccarat there are four important cards with value – 6, 7, 8 and 9. If the player is familiar with the edge sorting technique then he will know that the first card is from the high value group or not.  If yes then he can wager money on the banker hand or on the player hand. With edge sorting players have the advantage of 6.76 % over the house which is enough to turn the game in favor.

Is edge sorting cheating?  

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Edge sorting is basically cheating to turn the game in your favor which is cheating. So Phil Ivey cheated in the game.  Use of malpractices in the in any game is not appropriate and it also break the trust of many people on the right operation of the game. So edge sorting is a crime. It is better to not use it in any card game.

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