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Top Parlay Betting Strategies

Parlays bets are known for awarding online casino players massive prizes. But due to its multiple-bet nature, parlays are more challenging to win than traditional bets. Fortunately, much like other gambling activities, parlay bets reward the well-informed. Having the right strategy can go a long way when deciding to bet on parlays, significantly increasing the chances of bagging home a decent profit when won.

Before you start betting on Singapore Pools odds, take time to learn the following know-hows to help you in placing more efficient parlay bets:

Line Shopping

Line shopping is a common practice in betting but is especially essential in parlay wagers. This refers to checking multiple sportsbook providers to see which offers the best odds for every sport. Parlays are more expensive than regular bets because they are more challenging to win, so make better financial choices by checking which books offer the most value for your buck.

Exceeding Betting Limits

Although parlay bets are generally riskier, there is a time that they are better than straight bets. Some books often limit the amount you can place on a wager. If you are feeling confident about the outcome of at least three events, you can potentially earn larger winnings by placing parlay bets instead of three separate bets. For big spenders, parlay betting is a better option to maximize the bankroll and have a higher ROI.

Forcing True Odds

It’s no secret that sportsbook odds are often manipulated for the booker’s vig (the charge for accepting bets). But with high-risk, high-reward wagers like parlays, you would want to maximize your possible winnings more than ever. Players can force true odds in parlay bets by adding a wager priced at -120 instead of the standard -110. This would make the potential winnings significantly higher than the offered fixed-odds payout.

For instance, a parlay bet with six legs priced at -110 ends with 40-1 odds. But if five wagers were priced at -110 and one at -120, the odds climb to 46.49 – 1. It requires calculation, but players can force better odds using this trick when offered unfair payouts.

Stopping on 3- or 5-Team Parlays

The odds of winning parlay bets become much worse for each chance you add. Statistically, stopping at three or five team wagers is most beneficial for bettors. Three-legged parlays are the only wagers on multiple-bet scenarios with a positive expected value. This means they have remarkable value in considering the price, potential ROI, risk, and odds of winning altogether.

If three wagers are not enough to satisfy your need for excitement, five-legged parlays are the next best bets as they offer little to no difference in expected value from four-legged parlays.


Parlay bets can become less risky and incredibly profitable for well-informed bettors. Make the most out of your parlay bets by implanting the strategies mentioned above. Using these tips and tricks can diminish costly mistakes and increase your chances of winning. In addition, betting using reputable platforms, such as CM2Bet, can make your parlay gambling experience more enjoyable than ever.

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