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The Different Phases of Gambling Addiction

Statistics denote that the pathological gambling addiction in Singapore remained at 1.2%. This data serves as living proof of its concerning nature as it develops and may worsen if left neglected.

To address this disorder efficiently, here are the various stages of gambling addiction that every bettor should recognise and avoid:

Winning Phase

The winning phase commonly begins with a significant win, stimulating the brain’s reward system. This sudden surge of dopamine triggers a manipulative perception of control, leading gamblers to assume they can consistently win at gambling.

As each wagered stake wins, a gambler’s excitement, self-confidence, and hope ignite. This fuels impulsive behaviour, encouraging individuals to increase their bet amounts and forgetting the inherent element of luck in gambling.

Losing Phase

A continuous losing streak is another significant factor for compulsive gambling behaviour. It is known as a dominant and deceptive pattern as it provides gamblers with a cognitive distortion wherein they believe that prolonged gambling yields a win. Consequently, they may start chasing losses, convincing themselves that a single win may help to recover all their previous wagers.

It is an obsessive habit that eventually leads to either the following:

  • Isolation,

  • Absenteeism from work,

  • Dishonesty with family and friends, and

  • An accumulating amount of debt.

Desperation Phase

The desperation phase indicates the third stage of gambling addiction, where gamblers continuously place bets to recoup losses. It is triggered primarily by constant financial losses, urging gamblers to increase their efforts to win. With their focus narrowed to recovering from defeats, they may overlook all the other potential ways out, leading to desperate actions.

This compulsive tendency causes job loss, bankruptcy, and arguments with family or friends, as problem gamblers will desperately blame others for their mistakes. People who experience them may engage in illegal activities to earn easy money to gamble, such as:

  • Theft,

  • Robbery,

  • Credit or debit fraud, and

  • Any other fraudulent practices.

Hopeless Phase

This obsessive gambling behaviour indicates a gambler’s rock bottom. At this stage, hope is already non-existent to urge them to catch up or get even with all their losses.

This phase is the most dangerous stage of gambling addiction, as it often involves the following triggering factors:

  • Divorce,

  • Possible arrests,

  • Financial loss,

  • Drug or alcohol addiction,

  • Mental breakdowns, and

  • Suicidal thoughts or attempts

Overcoming The Different Phases of Gambling Addiction

While these situations may appear hopeless, gamblers must recognise the four Rs that provide efficient approaches to overcome their problem gambling behaviours:

·        Relabel

The primary factor to address compulsive gambling is to recognise the true nature of the adversary: the addiction. By identifying and relabeling the problem, gamblers can comprehend that these urges are only emotions triggered by defeat.

·        Reattribute

The human brain inherently seeks pleasurable experiences, and while gambling is enjoyable, it can be detrimental if it becomes an addiction. Hence, it is vital to stop self-blame or blaming others.

Through proper reattribution, gamblers may rewire their brain to gain control over emotional gambling.

·        Revalue

People gamble for various reasons, whether seeking extra income or an escape from boredom. However, the addictive nature of gambling arises through its adeptness at evoking emotions, leading gamblers to place bets driven by their feelings rather than rational decision-making.

By addressing the factors that drive this behaviour, individuals can expedite their journey in overcoming gambling addiction.

·        Refocus

Conquering addiction to online gambling in Singapore seems impossible as cravings continuously resurface. However, the road to recovery requires unwavering focus.

Gamblers who embark on this journey must diligently learn and practice responsible online gambling to conquer those reemerging desires, such as:

  • Employing a suitable bankroll management,

  • Balancing gambling alongside other pursuits, like spending time with family and friends,

  • Learning self-control,

  • Seek help when in need and

  • Opting for a dependable gambling site.

Are you Ready to Gamble with Discipline?

Armed with a comprehensive knowledge of gambling addiction phases and a commitment to responsible gambling, you can make smart gambling decisions at reputable SG online casinos, such as CM2Bet. Register for an account on our website and delve into the thrill of sports betting and online casino entertainment, featuring popular games like baccarat, poker, roulette, and more.

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Stages of Gambling Addiction

Stages of Gambling Addiction

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