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Pros and Cons of Playing Blackjack Online

When visiting a casino, many go straight for the blackjack table. The game is a beloved classic worldwide. It is often the first casino game many gamblers learn to play for its beginner-friendly mechanics.

With the digitalization of the gambling industry, online versions of traditional casino games have seen more action. Playing the online version of blackjack may take veteran gamblers by surprise. However, it is generally the same, with some unique added benefits and a few drawbacks.

If you are skeptical of trying blackjack outside of a physical casino, consider the following pros and cons of playing blackjack online:


·        Mobile and Accessible

Probably the most obvious advantage, online blackjack can be played at any place of your choosing. Digital casinos allow you to enjoy your favorite games, like blackjack, in the comfort of your own home. Most online gambling providers also offer mobile versions of beloved casino games, providing a more accessible and comfortable experience.

·        Faster Gameplay

Online blackjack is much faster than it is on land-based casinos. You don’t waste time waiting for the dealer to shuffle cards or for other players to make decisions. Like in video blackjack, a computer deals cards using a random number generator (RNG) instead of an actual 52-card deck.

However, in live blackjack (a version of online blackjack where the dealers interact with players through streaming), you will still need to wait through standard procedures like deck-shuffling and betting rounds.

·        No Backseat Gamers

It can be annoying when bystanders give unsolicited advice while you play. Although they can help, you mostly want to be able to play on your own accord. Bet freely without worrying about backseat gamers by trying blackjack in an online casino.

·        Bonuses and Rewards

One of the greatest benefits of playing blackjack online is that digital casinos often offer incentives, the most popular being sign-up bonuses. These rewards can come in many forms, like free spins/plays,  cashback incentives, or deposit match bonuses (the casino doubles a percentage of the player’s deposit). Make the most out of your bankroll by redeeming these incentives.


·        Cannot Card Count or Shuffle Track

Card counting and shuffle tracking are among blackjack’s most popular advanced strategies. They involve keeping track of dealt cards to gain an advantage over the casino. Sadly, they are extremely difficult to implement in online blackjack because it uses RNG, meaning there wouldn’t be a deck to track.

Although these two strategies are popular among the player base, they cannot guarantee a win. They could also come with risks, as some land-based casinos ban players who use them. Even without card counting and shuffle tracking, you can enjoy blackjack online while increasing your winning chances with other strategies.

·        Can Lead to a Higher Hourly Loss Rate

Since the gameplay of blackjack online is fast, it can lead to a higher hourly loss rate. The more hands you play within an hour, the more money you risk losing within the same time frame. Generally, it is quicker to burn through your bankroll when you are playing online.

Fortunately, you can up your chances of winning by using a robust blackjack strategy. Developing a system for placing bets can help you take on more favorable wagers, reducing your risk of losing significantly. A smart betting strategy can effectively keep your hourly loss rate low no matter how many cards you play.

·        Fewer Opportunities to Socialize

A land-based casino can be a great place to meet new people. Many games like blackjack allow you to interact with other people while playing. Betting on blackjack online, you can miss out on the opportunity to socialize. However, some online casinos provide a chat box for live blackjack sessions so players can share tips or chat about the game.

·        Time-Gated Cash Outs

Time-gated cash-outs are a common practice in online casinos. There are gambling sites that only allow players to withdraw their winnings after a waiting period. Typically, it is a tactic to encourage players to continue playing at the casino.

Now, many reputable online casinos allow instant or one-day withdrawal processes. Some may have simple requirements for cashing out. For example, you must have accumulative bets equal to your initial deposit amount before withdrawing. This standard practice is still much better than long waiting withdrawal periods.


Blackjack online comes with unique advantages and drawbacks. It is a great version of a well-loved casino classic, offering quicker and more comfortable gameplay. Playing blackjack on a gambling website can even award you various bonuses that enhance the gambling experience.

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