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Poker Guide: Why is String Betting Considered Illegal?

As the only casino game considered a sport, proper etiquette is a crucial part of any poker game in a Singapore casino. This helps promote a respectful environment at the table, especially with the competitive nature of poker games. In addition, it can boost the trust and integrity of every poker table, primarily with substantial sums of money involved in each poker round. Having proper etiquette while playing can ensure that every person involved at the table will have an enjoyable poker experience. 

However, despite being of utmost importance in the game, some people still fail to follow the established rules and customs of poker. Doing this leads to negative experiences for all players, especially during professional and amateur poker tournaments. And one of the most common mistakes players make when playing poker in a physical or online casino Singapore is string betting.

What is String Betting?

A common mistake that inexperienced and rookie bettors make when placing bets is string betting. This happens when a player uses multiple motions to put chips on the pot, such as making a call first before raising with additional chips. These bets are often strung or stretched out, hence the term string betting. This is considered illegal as there is a one-bet-at-a-time rule in poker, which means players can’t make two betting acts simultaneously, such as calling then raising or raising then folding. 

For example, the blind of a particular poker game is $5. A player that commits string betting will first call this $5 blind, mainly to get reactions from the other players on the table. After a few seconds, they will add more chips to the table to raise the blind. 

Players can commit string betting in two ways: verbal and non-verbal. Verbal string bets are when a player tells the table they will call before telling them they will raise. Meanwhile, non-verbal string bets happen when the player lays chips to call the blind and then adds more chips to raise without saying anything. 

Why is it Illegal?

One of the main reasons why string betting is considered illegal in poker is because it gives string bettors an unfair advantage over their opponents. Using several movements when placing bets, they can check the other player’s reactions and adjust their bets. This will give the player more information that is considered unfair information compared to the usual poker tells. In addition, this undermines the fact that poker promotes fair gameplay for everyone at the table.

Negative Impacts of String Betting

Doing string betting, whether intentional or not, can have a lot of negative impacts on the table and the players themselves. This includes: 


  • Unfair Advantage– As stated, string betting can give players an unfair advantage in the table, allowing them to adjust their bets based on the reactions they might get. 


  • Deceptive Actions– String betting can significantly mislead other players and the dealer about the actual amount being wagered, creating confusion within the table.


  • Disrupted Flow and Pace– Since string betting involves a sequence of actions, it can significantly disrupt the game’s natural flow and pace and cause frustration among other players. 


  • Increased Tension in the Table– Apart from the frustration from a slower game pace, string betting can also cause disagreements and disputes among the players, with them arguing whether the bet is valid or not. 


  • Negative Social Dynamics– Tension within a poker table will always cause mistrust among the players, undermining the camaraderie and interactions that make poker a social game. 


  • Diminished Game Integrity– String betting generally impairs the integrity of the poker game as it mainly goes against the basic principles of fair play.


  • Negative Reputation – Being dubbed a string bettor can diminish one’s reputation and credibility in poker, making other players reluctant to play with them in the long run.


As more and more people across the globe start playing poker, they must know the simple mistakes they might make while playing. Understanding what string betting is and why it is illegal can ensure that players can avoid it, intentionally or not. This will allow them to help promote fairer poker gameplay and provide a positive poker experience for everyone at the table. 

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