The Rise of Esports Betting – Infographic

Esports betting on live casino Malaysia websites have grown exponentially in the past decade. The continual rise of esports gambling can be attributed to more bettors recognizing the various benefits of online betting. These include faster payouts and a wide variety of bonuses. The following information covers what esports betting is and the various reasons for its significant rise.

The Rise of Esports Betting

What is Esports Betting?

Esports betting though an online casino in Malaysia works the same way as traditional sports betting. Sports betting and esports betting share some similarities in terms of betting options or markets. However, instead of players putting their wagers on sports like football or boxing, they wager on their favorite esports players and teams.

Why is Esports Betting Popular?

There is a significant advancement in the esports betting market in recent years. During the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, physical casinos, bookies, and sports venues were compelled to close for months. Yet, the online betting industry, including esports gambling, was virtually unaffected by the global crisis. Many major esports events continued to take place even as the pandemic progressed, as did betting on these events.

Apart from the convenience of being able to bet through an online live casino in Malaysia, there are plenty of other reasons why gambling on esports has become popular. Here are some information discussing why esports continue to increase its reputation in the gambling world:

  • A Large Selection of Games

One of the most significant advantages of esports betting is that players will not run out of games to bet on. Some of the most popular games to bet on are Call of Duty, DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Counterstrike. A bettor can place a wager on a wide range of competitive games they are interested in across several betting markets.

  • More Engaging Betting Options

Unlike most traditional sports, where gamblers only need to understand the rules of a game better to know how to bet wisely, esports require more strategic betting. This is because many video games have valuable information. Such information can include player health, upgrades, and player respawn, which a gambler needs to consider when forming a good betting strategy.

Moreover, some esports competitors hold prominent personalities, ranging from out-of-control freakouts after a bad game and composed dominance. The variety and complexity of esports titles and players with varying personas make it challenging for non-expert esports gamblers to win big when competing against a niche, well-informed audience.

  • Esports Events Livestreaming

Esports betting is also becoming increasingly streamlined. Bettors can view everything on several streaming platforms, like YouTube and Twitch. They may also be watched in massive stadiums or various venues worldwide.

Traditional sports took a long time to integrate into online gambling in Malaysia. But esports did so in a relatively short period. Live streaming is a necessity for esports events to operate as efficiently as possible. Hence, punters will have a better chance of placing a winning wager by keeping an eye on the events that interest them.

  • Offers Great Odds

Another reason for the rise of esports betting is access to the best odds. Many bookmakers offer great odds for the available games, especially for some lesser-known ones. Most of the top esports betting sites provide solid value while also pointing out who the main favorites are for any matchup or tournament.

Ready to Start Betting on Esports?

The internet has played a significant role in the continued growth of esports and its development into the phenomenon that it is today. Because of its competitive nature, competing in esports is as fun and exciting as traditional sports, thus attracting a massive following worldwide. Accessibility has also increased its growth, which has prompted companies to monetize the games and has opened opportunities for gamblers who like to place bets on esports.

With a large selection of video games, more engaging betting options, livestreaming, and great odds, esports betting can be regarded as a lucrative and entertaining pastime for many people.

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