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The Importance of RTP in Online Casinos – Infographic

Statistics are crucial when betting on online casino games in Malaysia since they help gamblers improve their strategies. And understanding statistics enables players to identify favourable opportunities, manage risks, and enhance their winning potential.

One of the most notable statistics is RTP or Return to Player. Learning about RTP helps you assess possible winnings and choose casino games with better-winning odds. In addition, comprehending RTP promotes responsible gambling by enabling gamblers to make informed decisions and set realistic expectations for their betting experiences. This can give gamblers a competitive edge and maximise their income when playing.

The Importance of RTP in Online Casinos

What is RTP in Online Casinos?

RTP is a percentage that reveals the quantity of the wagered money that gets paid back to the player over time as they play a casino game.

The actual RTP is calculated by dividing the win and turnover figures generated from a game. For instance, if you earned $100 on a $200 bet, your total RTP is 50%. Another example is if a slot machine collected $10,000 in total wagers and paid out $9,500 in prizes, the RTP would be (9,500/10,000)*100 = 95%.

Return to Player and House Edge

RTP and house edge are interconnected in a complementary and inverse manner. If you look at RTP as a percentage, the house edge is the amount necessary to reach 100%.

To illustrate, suppose the RTP of a video slot is 96.8%; its house edge would be 3.2% when you subtract it from 100%. The relationship is that the sum of RTP and the house edge is always equivalent to 100%. Essentially, the RTP indicates a bettor’s possible earnings, while the house edge represents the casino’s expected profit.

A game with a high RTP and low house edge gives gamblers a better chance of winning. It also sets competitive but sustainable odds to maintain a fair and entertaining environment for wagerers. On the other hand, a game with a high house edge and lower RTP results in reduced winning odds.

Understanding the link between RTP and the house edge is vital for punters seeking to make informed decisions when choosing casino games. A higher RTP and lower house edge imply a more favourable outcome for players.

Tips for Picking the Best RTP

Choosing the best RTP is beneficial when participating in the best online casino Malaysia games. Opting for games with better RTP increases the chances of positive outcomes, mitigating losses, and extending gaming sessions. It is also significant for prudent and responsible gambling practices.

Hence, the following are three tips for picking the best RTP:

Play Casino Games with Higher RTP

As mentioned, gamblers can find playing casino games with higher RTP beneficial since it improves the chances of winning. Higher RTP percentages enhance the gambling experience by providing better long-term profitability and allowing players to bet confidently.

Check the Volatility

Besides RTP, it is also fundamental to consider the volatility of a casino game. Volatility determines the frequency and size of wins. High-volatility games offer larger but less frequent payouts, while low-volatility games have more frequent but smaller wins. Combining RTP and volatility information helps bettors choose games that align with their risk preferences and gambling objectives for a more gratifying experience.

Use Bonuses and Promotions

Many online betting platforms offer bonuses and promotions that help gamblers increase their RTP. Bonuses and promotions are advantageous because they can provide bettors with added value and a controlled bankroll. For example, a free spin bonus on a slot machine allows gamblers to test drive a slot without risking their money.


It is evident that RTP in online casinos is a crucial statistic to consider if you want to succeed in the long run. However, while RTP tells you the money you can expect back from a casino game, it also reveals the casino’s overall profitability. It shows how much money the casino can make or lose from all the games it offers.

Hence, it is vital to approach online gambling responsibly to enjoy the entertainment of betting on your favourite casino games so you do not fall victim to financial consequences. Relying solely on licensed online casinos is essential since they are more credible, ensuring fair and transparent operations.

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