Level Up your Betting Game: Advanced Techniques for Esports Bettors

The esports industry has seen exponential growth in the past decade, owing to the rising interest of countless people in competitive gaming. This resulted in the emergence of numerous professional and amateur tournaments and the formation of countless esports teams. This unprecedented advancement made the esports sector a billion-dollar industry last year, with reports expecting it to reach almost USD 7 billion by 2030. 

The continuous success of esports has attracted the attention of many individuals in Malaysia, including gamblers. The development of the industry resulted in the rise of esports betting markets which gave bettors new profit channels. Placing wagers on various esports tournaments through a reputable online casino in Malaysia has allowed bettors and fans to add excitement to each game, making matches more thrilling to watch.

Strategies to Increase Your Chances of Winning

And although esports betting looks easy for some, having the right strategies can make a lot of difference. Implementing basic esports betting tips can be beneficial, especially for rookie bettors. But doing the following techniques can be a game changer for your esports betting experience. 

1.      Conducting In-Depth Research

Having a basic understanding of each game is essential before betting. However, conducting in-depth research separates successful esports bettors from the rest. Doing intensive research about the different aspects of the game can give esports bettors a clear understanding of how each match might play out. 

For instance, learning about the current meta and patch changes is crucial in understanding how players perform in matches, especially in games like DOTA 2 or League of Legends. In addition, more profound research will allow bettors to see a player’s individual skills, strengths, weaknesses, and compatibility with their teammates. This can be valuable for bettors to increase their chances of predicting the outcome. 

2.      Data Analysis

Bettors should look at various metrics, data, and numbers if they want to be more successful in esports betting. Analysing player statistics, team performance, match history, and tournament results can help uncover critical factors contributing to a player or team’s success or failure, allowing bettors to make more strategic bets that do not rely purely on intuition. 

3.      Live Betting

Although live online betting in Malaysia is often viewed as a particular betting market type, it can also be treated as a reliable strategy for those who want to profit from their bets. Betting options in this market often come while the match is playing. Some live esports betting opportunities that bettors might stumble upon include:

  • Player or Team to Draw First Blood,
  • Total Kills or Score,
  • Round Winner,
  • Player Performance Metrics (number of kills, assists, or damage dealt), and
  • Map-Specific Bets.

Live betting opportunities comes in fast, especially since esports matches are often fast-paced and unpredictable. With proper analysis of the ongoing game and quick decision-making skills, live betting can be a lucrative strategy in the long run. 

4.      Seeking Expert Advice and Communities

One of the biggest mistakes a rookie bettor can make is thinking they can improve their betting skills independently. However, seeking information and advice from esports experts and professionals can come in handy when placing wagers. These people have a broad knowledge of the ins and outs of the games and tournaments, giving bettors valuable information they can use when placing bets. 

Additionally, joining online communities tailored to a specific game can be a reliable strategy. Each group has a wealth of information, expertise, and valuable insights that can help bettors develop winning strategies. This can also be an ideal source of statistics, match prediction, and in-depth research that other esports enthusiasts or bettors can provide. 


As esports betting continues to rise, having the right strategy can be a game-changer for Malaysian bettors. Implementing advanced techniques can help them maximise their wagers and bankroll and significantly increase their chances of winning. This will also help them develop a reliable betting strategy they can use on different esports markets in the long run. 

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