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Baccarat is one of the most frequented online casino games in Malaysia. Malaysians love playing baccarat because it is simple and gives them better chances of winning. Gamblers can take advantage of the one-sided baccarat strategy by betting on the banker or player – bets with house edges of 1.06% and 1.24%. However, the casino charges a 5% commission for every banker bet won.

Some gamblers might rush playing baccarat after learning its low house edge. Unfortunately, they must know that several online casino providers offer different baccarat games. Each baccarat game has unique specifications and rules that Malaysians must learn before betting on them. In this way, they can formulate profitable baccarat strategies. These are the most common baccarat games in an online casino in Malaysia:

Different Baccarat Games Malaysians Can Try

Classic Baccarat

This baccarat game involves betting on three options: the banker bet, player bet, or tie bet. In classic baccarat, gamblers try to guess if the banker or player hand has the closest total value to 9 or if there is a tie. Totals cannot exceed 9 because the left number is dropped for a double-digit total. For example, if the player’s hand is 12, its value is 2.

Cards have equivalent value, with aces equal to 1, cards less than 10 equal to their face value, and 10, King, Queen, and Jack equal to 0.

The game starts once participants place their bets, with the dealer dealing two cards each. Although not required, researching how to play baccarat can help gamblers understand the rules that apply to the player’s and banker’s hands once the dealer has dealt the cards. For instance, a player cannot draw a card if the total of his first two cards is six or more.

Speed Baccarat

This baccarat game suits gamblers who prefer fast-paced action. Speed baccarat follows the same rules as classic baccarat but is faster than the latter. This means gamblers win if they correctly predict the hand with the closest total to 9. Classic baccarat rounds last within 48 seconds. But in playing speed baccarat, a round lasts only 27 seconds, starting from the moments the cards are dealt until the winner/s gets paid.

Speed baccarat might be faster than classic baccarat, but it does not mean the house edge is greater. As a game of chance, luck ultimately decides each round’s outcome. The house edges for the banker (1.06%), player (1.24%), or tie bet (14.35%) remain the same. Again, speed is the only thing that makes this variant different from the classic version.

Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a two-card baccarat game played using eight decks. Aces are the lowest valued cards, while the remaining cards follow their natural value, with the King the highest at 13.

In Dragon Tiger, the dealer deals two cards per round, each for the Dragon and Tiger hand. The game’s primary objective is to guess the hand with the highest total. For example, the gambler wins his Dragon bet if the card’s value for Dragon is 9 spades while the Tiger is 7 hearts. Betting on Dragon or Tiger has a 96.27% return to player (RTP) rate with a 1:1 payout. If the player bets $2 Dragon and wins, he earns $4.

Gamblers can also stake for a tie if they believe the value of the Dragon and Tiger is the same. Gambling on a tie can be enticing because of the 11:1 payout. Gamblers can also bet on a suited tie where they’ll win if both Dragon and Tiger cards are the same in rank and suit. A suited tie bet has a 50:1 payout.

Baccarat Squeeze

In this baccarat variant, the dealer deals the cards face down instead of face up in the classic baccarat. This variance from the standard baccarat gaming only makes the round more exciting and thrilling because gamblers anticipate if the outcome is favourable to them or not.

The dealer slowly folding the cards facing down on each side has nothing to do with the potential payout and RTP rate. The unique specification is meant for entertainment only, so gamblers can still focus on their goal of earning money without thinking twice. In short, a gambler can only win if he guesses which hand is equivalent or close to 9, or there is a tie.

Baccarat Control Squeeze

In contrast to the baccarat squeeze, the players are responsible for squeezing the cards placed face-down in the baccarat control squeeze. With optical filters concealing the cards, gamblers can see the card’s portion or as a whole by tapping its corner edge.

The dealer still plays his typical role of dealing two cards to the banker and player and informing participants how to squeeze the cards. Like in baccarat squeeze, this variance is for entertainment only and cannot affect the outcome of each round. Winning still comes by guessing the hand closest to 9 or the banker’s or player’s hand is a tie.

No Commission Baccarat

The no commission baccarat game eliminates the 5% commission charged by casinos for every banker bet wins. Because the commission fee is removed, there are changes in the rules in this baccarat game.

The banker immediately wins the round if his card total is six.  Additionally, the gambler only wins 50% of his stake if he bets on the banker bet with a hand value of six. If the said scenarios occur, the payout for betting on the banker is lowered to 0.5:1. Player or tie betting pays the same at 1:1 and 8:1.

Insurance Baccarat

Some Malaysian online casino, like AE Casino, offers Insurance Baccarat for gamblers. Gamblers win here by betting on the hand closest or equal to 9 or tie. This baccarat game follows the same rules as Classic Baccarat but enables players to protect their bets from losing or a tie after the dealer has dealt four or five cards. 

Insurance Baccarat starts with the dealer dealing cards with the banker and player. Gamblers can insure in different ways depending on the situation. For example, the player or banker can have a total card value of 8 or 9, referred to as “naturals”. Either can insure it against a tie to a 9 or loss to an 8. Gamblers can use this baccarat game to manage their bankroll and better their odds of winning.


Malaysians can try several baccarat games to generate more profit, given that baccarat has one of the lowest house advantages among casino online games in Malaysia.

Gamblers can stick with the traditional Classic Baccarat or take their chances in the faster Speed Baccarat. The Dragon Tiger variant is also a good choice because gamblers only bet for the hand with the highest total. Baccarat Squeeze and Baccarat Control Squeeze add entertainment value to the already fun baccarat game. The No Commission Baccarat enables gamblers to maximise their winnings by removing the 5% charge. The Insurance Bet gives gamblers the chance to protect their earnings from potential losses. Knowing the differences between baccarat games can help gamblers avoid making common mistakes when playing baccarat for better chances of winning.

Gamblers must also look for a trusted online casino in Malaysia, like CM2Bet. This way, players can play baccarat scam-free and have a great gaming experience.

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