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Gambling has been a part of many people’s life since millennia. Starting from the ancient civilization to the present day, gambling has been a part of our lives in many different ways. Although winning or losing is one very important factor in the whole process, gambling is an amazing way to test your luck. Luck plays a significant role that is very well connected with gambling. Since luck is a requirement to make sure that the winning factor is involved when you play, people have come up with various beliefs and superstitions. These superstitions are followed by many players that you will find playing. So, here we will explain to you some of these gambling superstitions that people believe and make sure to follow every time they play.

1) Money Counting While Gambling

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Many people believe that an individual must never count his or her money when playing. This is one very well-known belief amongst people. Even this one belief factor was mentioned by a famous musician Kenny Roger in one of his hit songs which was named The Gambler. Although such belief many times creates an awkward situation because people do have to make sure the amount while they are playing to be assured that they are under the gambling limit while playing. Therefore, it is one advisable fact for a gambling person to set a certain amount of the money that they wish to gamble while on the casino.

2) Main Door Entry

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So, this one is a popular one amongst people who are involved in gambling in some or other way. Various gamblers believe that entering the casino from the main entrance is unlucky. Also, this superstition is somehow related to the MG, the casino which is situated in Las Vegas. As when this place was named after a famous movie studio MGM, it had the entrance which was designed in a huge lion form as it also included in the studio logo. While coming to play in this casino, many players refused to take the entry from the main entrance as they believed that walking out of a beast mouth is a curse.

3) After a Loss, Slapping Head

Many gamblers also have this belief that other playing opponents use voodoo to win the game. They feel that during the play they are somehow mind-controlled or hypnotized in a certain manner that doesn’t allow them to go for an ideal move. So, as per this superstition directing three slaps on the head after losing a chance helps to awaken them from that trance. Besides doing this isn’t really recommended as it can be distracting for someone. So, it is best recommended to take a short break or taking a deep breath to handle a loss situation.

4) Singing or Whistling While Gambling

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It is another superstition that people believe, whistling or singing while playing invites bad luck. This is probably a belief that is influenced by another one in which whistling in a graveyard charges the devils. So, somehow this belief is carried over by the players during gambling. Although, there are some people who believe that singing softly or whistling makes them think better then it isn’t a bad thing to do either. This trick additionally can work well as it can possibly distract a player while going for a chance.

5) Beginner’s Luck

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This is a belief that almost everyone knows. According to this belief, the player has a higher chance of winning if he or she plays for the first time. Many people have got it popular with the term “beginner’s luck”. This superstition can even land the person in trouble if that isn’t well aware of the game. The winning factor not only depends upon the luck but, knowledge about the games and skills plays a vital role too.  So, just blindly going for a game isn’t enough, grabbing some good tricks and knowledge about the same can be a huge plus point.

So, all these above factors are some popular superstitions and beliefs that many gamblers follow. Trying some of these while you play is a good option. However, just depending upon these won’t be a great idea. So, make sure you have got both knowledge and luck factors balanced well while going for gambling.

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