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How Can J1 League’s New Format Affect the Title Fight

How Can J1 League's New Format Affect the Title Fight

For three decades, the J1 League has gradually become one of Asia’s premier football leagues, home to some of the region’s most successful and famous clubs. Japan’s first tier of professional football is renowned for its highly competitive level of play, attracting top-tier talent and international stars, which improves the overall level of play. 

After thirty remarkable years, the league’s governing body has decided to spice things up and make the upcoming seasons more competitive than ever. The league is finally standardising the number of teams to 20 for all tiers, similar to other top football leagues in Europe, such as the Premier League, La Liga, and Serie A. 

While it might look like a minor adjustment at first glance, adding two teams to the top flight of Japanese football can significantly impact the title race and Singapore Pools football odds. This can impact the overall experience for fans and bettors, giving them more games to watch and consider when placing their bets.

A Lookback at the 2023 Season

The 2023 edition of the J1 League proved to be a highly competitive one all year long. Vissel Kobe has finally won their first-ever J1 title, winning 21 games and drawing 8 to finish with 71 points, 7 points clear of reigning champ Yokohama Marinos. Anderson Lopes of Yokohama and Yuya Osako of Kobe have co-won the Golden Boot with 22 goals each. 

This season also saw a powerhouse team in Kawasaki Frontale getting their worst result in 10 years, finishing in 8th place with 50 points. This is after the club always finished within the top 4 in the previous eight seasons, with them even winning four times.

What Changes Will Come Next Year?

Effective in the 2024 season, every tier in the J.League will have 20 teams, a major shakeup in the structure of composition and format of the League Cup. With this, the relegation system will change to a “three up, three down” system. These changes mirror some of the league’s European counterparts, making the competition more exciting in years to come.

The seismic changes align with the league’s two growth themes: 60 clubs representing their respective hometowns and J1 becoming a global content. The governing body seeks to promote J1 to international football audiences while also growing J2 and J3 through competitive matches in the J.League YBC Levain Cup.

How will it Affect the Title Race?

Bringing two new clubs to the league permanently can impact the overall quality of the title fight. Two new teams bring the number of games per year from 34 to 38, with the additional four games providing a maximum of 12 points. This is crucial as every point matters when it comes to the title race, highlighted by an average of 7.33-point gap between the champions and first placers in the past three years. 

The extra 12 points will have teams pushing to get the 3 points for every win, making the league more competitive than ever. This can have a significant effect on table positioning, as it is highly possible for small clubs to finish high in the standings and powerhouse teams to drop to become mid-card or relegation teams.


The new format of the J1 League is shaping up to be exciting, with the league looking to be more competitive moving forward. Apart from the clubs and fans, this can also affect how bettors strategise their wagers when betting on J1. The added teams mean there are more things to consider when placing bets, making football betting a more challenging and fun endeavour. 

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