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F1 2023: Predicting the Possible Podium Finishers for Singapore GP

Many Singaporean sports bettors are now anticipating the 2023 edition of one of the world’s premier motorsports events in Singapore—Formula 1. The event will return for its 22nd race on September 15-17 and will take place at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. Because of its exciting experience and potential financial gains, punters engage in online betting Singapore for a convenient gambling activity while watching their favourite F1 drivers or constructors.

As the Singapore GP 2023 approaches, punters must watch out for the possible top drivers who can withstand the 4.928 km track to win the race. And based on the most trusted Singapore casino and sportsbook, here are the potential podium finishers for this year’s Singapore GP:

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen dominated the 2022 F1 season, securing his second consecutive title with 15 wins and a 146-point lead over Charles Leclerc. At 25, he became the second youngest F1 driver in history to win two straight championships. While he is among the most successful racers in F1, his team, Red Bull Racing, has contributed significantly to his achievements.

Verstappen is favoured to win the upcoming Singapore GP with 1.70 odds. The Dutchman has already won 10 races as of writing (written before the Dutch Grand Prix) and is not showing signs of slowing down in the near future.

Charles Leclerc

In 2022, Charles Leclerc placed second despite his potential to compete with Max Verstappen for the winning spot. His performance was hindered as his team—Ferrari, admitted that they experienced multiple engine failures throughout the year, affecting Leclerc and teammate Carlos Sainz. In fact, the team encountered 9 retirements last year, 3 of them being with Leclerc.  

And despite being favoured to challenge Verstappen for the title before the year started, Leclerc has had quite an underwhelming campaign so far. He only finished in the podium three times out of 12 races. Despite this, Leclerc is still one of the favourites to win the grand prix, with several sportsbooks giving him 6.60 odds of winning the race.

Lewis Hamilton

After a highly contested 2021 title race against Verstappen which ended with Hamilton at 2nd, the British driver has greatly struggled in the 2022 season, marking his first every year without winning a race. He finished in 6th place in the overall table last year while also finishing 9th in the Singapore GP.

But despite his struggles in recent years, the7-time F1 champion remains one of the top drivers on the grid. He’s had quite a phenomenal 2023 campaign so far, finishing all of the finished races in within top 6. And with his experience and Mercedes pushing to get back on top, there is no doubt that Hamilton is also a favourite to win Singapore GP with 3.50 odds.

George Russell

George Russell showcased an impressive performance during the 2022 season for his first season in Mercedes with Hamilton.  He stood out among the other drivers on the grid, showing immense dedication and consistency as he constantly finishes within the top 5. This led to many believing that Russell will step up his game further this year, making him one of the threats to win the title.

However, the former Williams driver has quite struggled this year, only finishing in the podium once in 12 races. Still, as a driver from a proven F1 team, many still see Russell as a good pick to win the Singapore GP, with sportsbook giving him 13.00 odds to win the race.


As a bettor, knowing the favoured drivers and their betting odds is essential to create an effective betting strategy with only a few weeks left before the 2023 F1 Singapore GP. Preparing and conducting in-depth research can help you better understand and predict the possible podium finishers in the prestigious race.

Apart from these, you must look for a reputable sportsbook for a remarkable betting experience. Having the best and safest gambling platform can help you increase your chances of winning while securing your information as a bettor.

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