Beginners Guide: Casino Games with the Best Odds – Infographic

Casino games can be overwhelming for newcomers, especially since it involves hard-earned money. But as complex, as they may seem, some games are simple and easy to learn. Some of the most popular casino games in physical or online gaming platforms are extremely beginner friendly, perfect for those just starting their gambling career.

For those looking to profit through online betting in Singapore or appreciate good odds, here are some of the top live or online casino games with the best chances of winning:  

Beginners Guide: Casino Games with the Best Odds


Blackjack, also known as twenty-one or Pontoon in some parts of the world, is a card game with the best odds out of all casino games. Players can have up to 42.22% odds of winning. Its non-competitive nature makes it much easier to play than other card games like poker, where skill and experience greatly influence the players’ chances.

The card game is known to be straightforward as it does not require any interaction with other players. In this casino game, the players only play against the dealer. The player’s goal is to have a higher hand total against the banker without exceeding 21. Going over this number is called a bust, resulting in an automatic loss. Blackjack is a great starter game that rewards informed players with excellent odds. 

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Craps is a popular casino game with the second-best odds, with gamblers having 50-50 chances of winning. The dice game requires bettors to interact with other players but not play against each other. This makes craps an exciting activity, great for profiting and socializing.

The craps tables might be intimidating for beginners, but in the end, it is only a matter of betting on a dice roll. Players bet on whether or not the shooter (the person assigned to roll the dice) wins. If they roll a seven or an eleven, they win. If not, the number they rolled is now the point they must hit again before rolling a seven to win.


Baccarat is another card game known for being highly profitable. It has one of the lowest house edges offered among gambling establishments, making losses less significant. This is one of the reasons why baccarat is considered one of the most rewarding casino games around. 

Baccarat has three outcomes: player, banker, and tie. Gamblers place their wagers on two sets of cards—either the player’s hand or the banker’s hand. A total of two cards are dealt to both hands, with the total closest to nine wins. If players choose correctly, they double their bets. Meanwhile, those who place wagers on the tie option and win usually get an 8:1 or 9:1 payout, depending on the table or casino.

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Players can bet on games more confidently with the top casino games with the best odds. Starting your gambling journey through these games can be a game changer, enabling you to hone your gambling skills while also having an opportunity to win extra money on the side. Moreover, playing through reputable online casino providers like CM2Bet will allow you to play in the comfort of your home without worrying about possible legal consequences. 

CM2Bet offers a wide selection of activities for online gamblers and bettors. This includes popular casino games like blackjack, baccarat online, roulette, and online slots. We also have betting odds for football and other traditional sports for those who enjoy sports betting. 

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