Alba Not Sure If Barcelona Want to Re-Sign Him


Barcelona full-back Jordi Alba wants to stay at Camp Nou but is unsure if LaLiga’s reigning champions will offer him a new contract.

Alba’s future is up in the air with his Barca deal ending in 2020 and no renewal forthcoming at the moment.

The 29-year-old Spain international, who arrived from Valencia in 2012, has previously expressed his bemusement over a lack of progress regarding a contract extension.

Asked about the situation following Barca’s 3-0 LaLiga victory against Eibar on Sunday, Alba said: “Everything is still the same for me, I have a year left on my contract and I don’t know what the club thinks. I’m calm.

“They have to see if they want to renew me and when they do want to renew me if that is the case.


“I want to stay here as this is the club that I love and have always supported, but it depends on them.

“For me, I can only control my own performance which I think has been good, but I don’t expect anything from anyone.”

The left-back, known for his dynamic playing style and crucial contributions in both defensive and offensive phases, has been a key figure in Barcelona’s successes over the years. However, as the club undergoes a transitional phase with new leadership and a shift in player dynamics, uncertainties surrounding player contracts have become commonplace.

Alba, who has expressed his desire to remain at the Camp Nou, acknowledges the business aspect of football but remains eager for clarity on his future. The player’s uncertainty has sparked speculation among fans and pundits alike, with many expressing their concern over the potential departure of a player who has become synonymous with Barcelona’s identity.

As negotiations unfold behind closed doors, supporters anxiously await official statements from both Alba and Barcelona’s management to shed light on the situation. The left-back’s potential departure could mark the end of an era, as Barcelona continues to navigate the challenges of financial constraints and rebuilding a squad capable of competing at the highest level.

In the coming weeks, the football world will be watching closely as the drama surrounding Jordi Alba’s contract unfolds, with the hope that a resolution can be reached that satisfies both the player and the club, ensuring that the veteran defender can continue to ply his trade in the familiar colors of Barcelona.

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