A Complete Guide about Playing Slot Machines


Let’s talk about the classic yet amazing WMS gaming video jackpot party. This one has 8 reel symbols and these form the winning combinations. The noisemaker and the party guy symbols launch an event. That is surely a bonus! All these symbols have to be given a set of random numbers each. Also the payoff values should be assigned to either five, four or three winners of the same kind. This sure makes it difficult to calculate.
Bonus Event
What complicates the calculations more is the number of paylines. Imagine you have only one jackpot symbol in every reel. You need to understand that in a 30 line game you have solid 30 chances to arrange the symbols in the winning combo. The programmers should account 30 times for each combination.

Let’s also see about bonus events here. Almost all of the latest slot machines have many events. However the regular play stops at these events. You get a chance to spin the wheel of bonus with no further wagers. You can pick events, free spins or something else extra too. The bonus events payoffs will be included while calculating thee gamers overall return.

Looking in from outside!

We definitely cannot see what numbers are being generated inside the slot machine. However it is these very numbers that decide whether we win or lose. Here are things that we can see and cannot see which is crucial to or winning opportunity. 

Pay Table Machine


1.We can see the different bonuses offered which is nothing but a unpredictable clue
2. We also can see the pay table of the machine which is again a volatility clue
3. The odds of the game cannot be seen
4. We also can’t see if one machine pays higher than the other

We need to also accept the fact that casinos do not post pay back percent on individual games. This gives no way for the player in order to calculate the odds as every random number is considered proprietary and confidential. You may play on different machines however you ever know if the payback is the same. Game developers create the same game in various versions. Each version has its own payback. Two machines can look exactly the same but the pay back percent would be totally different.

Jackpot in Slot Machine
A slot machine with a larger top jackpot would give back less when you have small wins compared to a game with a small top prize. So this means that the big machines are unpredictable. However again this is not the case always, the bigger jackpot can also be a unique one with normal percent of lower payoff at the starting point.
Free Spins Bonuses
Games that give you free spins bonuses are considered more volatile compared to the pick’em bonus. What do you want in the game? Do you want to maximize the big win chance? Will you accept that bankroll loss is a part of the game? Consider all this while playing in a slot machine.

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